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56 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 53. 1896. that purpose under the general corporation laws of the State of South Dakota, or its assigns, to construct under and subject to the conditions R¤i1q<>=¤1.w¤z¤¤-¤¤•i and limitations hereinafter provided, a combined railroad, wagon, and f°°° °""“"‘ foot-passenger bridge across the Missouri River, at a point suitable to the interests of navigation, within five miles above or below the city of Chamberlain, South Dakota, and lay on and over said bridge railway tracks for the more perfect connection of any and all railroad that are now or which may hereafter be constructed to the Missouri River at or within five miles above or below the city of Chamberlain, South Dakota, or to the river on the opposite side of the same, near the city of Chamberlain, South Dakota, and build, erect, and lay on and over said bridge ways for wagons, vehicles of all kind , and for the transit of animals, ' and to provide ways for foot passengers, and to maintain and operate UM by ¤·i¤¤¤•·i-· said bridge for the purposes aforesaid; and that when said bridge is constructed all trains of railroads terminating at said river and on the opposite side thereof, at or within five miles above or below the city of _ Chamberlain, South Dakota, shall be allowed to cross said bridge and C*·¤=v¤¤¤·*i°¤- its approaches for reasonable compensation to be madcto the owners of the same; and if the amount of said compensation can not be agreed upon by the parties, the same shall be fixed by the Secretary of War. The owners of said bridge may also charge and receive reasonable com- . runs pensation or tolls for the transit over said bridge of all wagons, car- §c~¤*;;mu__ riages, vehicles, animals, and foot passengers: Provided, That the ‘° Smretary of War may at any time prescribe such rules, regulations, and rates of toll for transit and transportation over said bridge as may be deemed proper and reasonable. omsu-mum. Sur. 2. That any bridge built under the provisions of this Act may, _ at the option of the corporation building the same, be built as a draw- Q1€;;",frmg` bridge, or with unbroken or continuous spans: Provided, That if the same shall be made of unbroken or continuous spans, it shall not be in any case of less elevation than fifty feet above extreme high-water mark as understood at the point of location, to the lowest part of the superstructure, with straight girders, nor shall the spans of said bridge be less than three hundred feet in the clear at low·watcr mark; and the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with the current of the river at high water, and the main spans shall be over the main channels of the

  • "°"‘“'*•*¤°- _ river: And provided also, That if a bridge shall be built under this Act

as a drawbridge the same shall be constructed as a pivot drawbridge, with one or more draws, as the- Secretary of War may prescribe, and with spans of not less than two hundred feet in length in the clear on each side of the central or pivot piers of the draws, and the next adjoin— ing spans over the river to the draw shall not be less than two hundred and fifty feet in the clear, measured at low water; and said span shall not be less than ten feet above extreme high water mark, measuring to the lowest part of the superstructure of the bridge; and the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with the current of the river at high water: <>p¤¤i¤>s Mw- And provided aloo, That said draw shall be opened promptly, upon reasonable signal, without unnecessary delay, for the passage of boats and rafts; and said company or corporation shall maintain, at its own ¥·*Z¤*¤·°*¤· expense, from sunset till sunrise, such lights or other signals on said bridge as the Light- House Board shall prescribe, and such sheer booms or other structures as may be necessary to safely guide vessels, rafts, or other water craft safely through said channel spans or draw openings, and as shall be designated and required by the Secretary of War: And P¤¤¤•¤·¤¤ ¤¥¤¤¤¤¤- provided further, That the corporation building said bridge may, subject to the approval of the Secretary of War, enter upon the banks of said river, either above or below the point of location of said bridge, and confine the flow of the water to a permanent channel, and to do whatever may be necessary to accomplish said obiect, but shall not impede or obstruct the navigation of said river. and shall be liable in damages for all injuries to private property, and all plans for such works or erections upon the banks of the river shall first be submitted to the Secre P°¤***°¤- tary of Wax· for his approval: And provided further., That any bridge