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Settlers on the Public Lands. An act relating to settlers on the lands of the United States. (Expired.) March 25, 1816.
Courts in the District of Columbia. An act to limit the right of appeal from the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Columbia. April 2, 1816
Payment for Property lost, destroyed or captured by the Enemy. An act to authorize the payment for property lost, captured, or destroyed by the enemy, while in the military service of the United States, and for other purposes. (Obsolete.)April 9, 1816.
Repeal of the Duties on Household Furniture and Watches. An act to repeal the act entitled "An act to provide additional revenues for defraying the expenses of government and maintaining the public credit, by laying duties on household furniture and on gold and silver watches." April 9, 1816.
Post-office. An act in addition to an act to regulate the post-office establishment. (Repealed.) April 10, 1816.
Incorporation of the Bank of the United States. An act to incorporate the subscribers of the Bank of the United States. (Expired.)April 10, 1816.
Appropriations for the Support of Government in 1816. An act making appropriations for the support of government for the year one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. (Obsolete.)April 16, 1816.
Library of Congress. An act providing for the settlement of certain accounts against the library of Congress, for extending the privileges of using the books therein, and for establishing the salary of the librarian. (Obsolete.)April 16, 1816.
Roads in the District of Columbia. An act supplementary to an act entitled "An act to incorporate a company for making certain turnpike roads within the District of Columbia." April 16, 1816
Military Land Warrants. An act further extending the time for issuing and locating military land warrants, and for other purposes. (Expired.)April 16, 1816.
Public Lands in the District of Vincennes. An act for the relief of certain claimants to land in the district of Vincennes. (Obsolete.)April 16, 1816.
Road from the Rapids of Miami of Lake Erie. An act to authorize the President of the United States to alter the road laid out from the foot of the rapids of the river Miami of Lake Erie, to the western line of the Connecticut reserve. (Obsolete.)
April 16, 1816.
Appropriations for Military Services in the late War. An act making further provision for military services during the late war, and for other purposes. (Obsolete.)April 16, 1816.
Pensions. An act in addition to an act entitled "An act in relation to the navy pension fund." April 19, 1816.
The People of the Territory of Indiana authorized to form a State Government. An act to enable the people of Indiana territory to form a constitution and state government, and for the admission of such State into the Union on an equal footing with the original States. April 19, 1816.
Duties on Distilled Spirits and on Licenses to Distillers. An act to abolish the existing duties on spirits distilled within the United States, and to lay other duties, in lieu of those at present imposed, on licenses to distillers of spirituous liquors. (Repealed.)April 20, 1816.
Indemnification of Claimants of Public Lands in the Mississippi Territory. Proceedings of the Commissioners. An act further supplementary to the act entitled "An act providing for the indemnification of certain claimants of public lands in the Mississippi territory." (Obsolete.)April 20, 1816.
Officers of the Militia. An act concerning the field-officers of the militia. (Obsolete.)April 20, 1816
Prize money to the Officers and Crew of the Sloop of War Wasp. An act respecting the late officers and crew of the sloop of war Wasp. (Obsolete.)April 20, 1816.
Lease of the Saline near the Wabash River. An act authorizing the President of the United States to lease the saline near the Wabash river, for a term not exceeding seven years. (Obsolete.)April 24, 1816.
Pensions. An act to increase the pensions of invalids in certain cases, for the relief of invalids of the militia; and for the appointment of pension agents in those States where there is no commissioner of loans. April 24, 1816.