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TIIIRTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 52. 1814. 121 within the said northern district; and that William P. Van Ness, the rcmaining district judge of the district of N ew York, be, and he is hereby assigned as the judge to hold the said court in the said southern district ofNew York, and to do and perform all the duties appcrtaining to his said 0H14ga within the said southern district. And it is hereby also made the N ·’“d€° X duty of the judge of the said southern district to hold the several district thin,,:,?,; $-0,. courts hcrcinbcfore directed to be holdem in the said northern district, the pvrthem in case of the inability, on account of sickness or absence, of the said €£;'f;mQ“ °°" Matthias B.-Tallmadgc to hold the same. I Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the circuit court of the United Circuit com States shall be held in and for the said southern district of New York, {E b° add f°’ at the city of New York, at the times and in the manner now directed dggtriguiierrkew by law to be held in and for the district of New York; and that the dis- Y<>¤k·_ _ trict court in the said northern district of New York shall, besides the °‘~`I:;§gg;°"dis ordinary jurisdiction of a district court, have jurisdiction of all causes, mc: wm. except of appeals and writs of error cognizablc by law in a circuit court, and shall proceed therein in the same manner as a circuit court; and writs of error shall lie from decisions therein to the circuit court in the said southern district of New York, in the same manner as fiom other district courts to their respective circuit courts. Armovmn, April 9, 1814. .. S·uru·rm II. Can. LII.—.r2n Act for the final adjustment of land titles in the Stats of Louis- April 12, I814- imuz and territory of Missouri. _'"`_"*-‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Act 0V APW United States of America in Congress assembled, That every person or %gg, mG’ °h' persons, or the legal representatives of any person or persons claiming lands in the state of Louisiana, or the territory of Missouri, by virtue of any incomplete French or Spanish grant or concession, or any warrant or order of survey, which was granted‘prior to the twentieth of December, one thousand eight hundred and three, for lands lying within that part of the state of Louisiana which composed the late territory of Grlcans, or which was granted for lands lying within the territory of Certain claim- Missouri, before the tenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred ;:“:heif‘g‘t?;“2f and four, and where the claimant, or the person under whom he claims, c;,,;ms_ were resident in the province of Louisiana at the respective qimes aforesaid, or at the time the said concession, warrant, or order of survey was granted, and whose claims have been filed with the proper register or rccordcr of land titles according to law, and arc embraced in the report of the commissioners, or register, or recorder, for the district within which the lands claimed do lic, in every case where it shall appear by the said report of the commissioners, register, or recorder, that the concession, warrant, or order of survey, under which the claim is made, contains o. special location, or had been actually located or surveyed within the late territory of Orleans before the twentieth day of December, one thou— sand eight hundred and three, or actually located or surveyed within the territory of Missouri, before the tenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and four, by a surveyor duly authorized by the government making such grant, such persons shall bc, and they are hereby, confirmed in their claims: Provided, That no claim shall be confirmed by this Pmviso. section which shall have been adjudged by either of the boards of commissioners, or u register or receiver of public moneys, or a recorder acting as such, to be antedatcd or otherwise fraudulent: nor any one to claim a greater quantity of land than the number of acres contained in one league square; nor the claim of any person, in his own right, who has received, in his own right, a donation grant fiom the United States, in said state or territory: And provided also, That no confirmation Preview. made by this section shall affect the rights of any person claiming the Vox., III.-16 L