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LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. xvii Page STATUTE 11.-1817. Dunes on Imports and Tonnage. An`act supplementary to an act to regulate the duties on imports and tonnage. Jan. 14, 1817. . . .. .. . ... ... .. . 344 Laws relating to the fablie Lands. An act to authorize a. new edition of the collection of laws respecting the public lands. (Obsolete.) Jan. 20, 1817 .. . ... .. . 344 Jpproprtationfor the Army in 1817. An act making a partial appropriation for the subsistence of the army during the year one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. (Obsolete.) Jan. 22, 1817 . ... . ... . . . 345 Compensation of the Members of Congress. An act to repeal, after the close of the present session of Congress, the act entitled "An act to change the mode of compensation to the members of the Senate and House of Representatives, and the delegates from territor1es," passed the nineteenth of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. Feb. 6, 1817.. ... . 345 The Chairman of any Standing Committee cj Congress authorized to administer Oaths, Qc. An act to extend the provisions of the act to authorize certain officers and other persons to administer oaths, approved May third, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight. Feb. 8, 1817 ... . .. . . . .. . ... 345 The Authority given to the President to increase the Pay of Officers, Qc., of the Navy, revoked. An act to repeal the second section of an act entitled “An act concerning the pay of officers, seamen, and marines, in the navy of the United States." (Obsolete.) Feb. 22, 1817 . .. . ... . . 345 The Public Lands, when sold, may be divided into Hay' Sections and Quarter Sections. An act providing for the division of certain quarter sections, in future sales of the public lands. Feb. 22, 1817 ... . 346 Parts of the Reservations of the public Grounds may be sold in Lots. An act authorizing the sale of certain grounds belonging to the United States in the City of Washington. (Obsolete.) Feb. 24, 1817. . ... . . 346 Entry of Wssels at the Port of new Orleans. An act authorizing vessels departing from the town of Bayou St. John and Basin of the Canal de Carondelet for foreign ports, to clear out at the custom—house in the city of New Orleans. (Obsolete.) March 1, 1817 . .. . . . .. . ... 347 Reservation of Public Lands for the Supply of Timber for the Navy. An act making reservation of certain public lands to supply timber for naval purposes. March 1, 1817.. . 347 The People of the western Part of Mississippi authorized to form a Stale Government. Ari act to enable the people of the western part of Mississippi territory to form a constitution and state government, and for the admission of such State into the Union on an equal footing with the original States. March 1, 1817. 348 Security to be given by Pursers in the Navy. An act supplementary to an act entitled “An act concerning the naval establishment." March 1, 1817 . . ... 350 Frankixig Privilege given to James Madison. An act freeing from postage all letters and packets to and from James Madison. (Obsolete.) March 1, 1817 850 Ransom of American Ca tives. An act relating to the ransom of American captives of the late war. (Obsoiete.) March 1, 1817. . . . .. .. 350 Commissions of Bail. An act in addition to an act entitled ** An act for the more eonvenient taking of anidavits and bail in civil causes, depending in the courts of the United States." March 1, 1817. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 350 Regulation ry Importation: into the United States. An act concerning the navigation of the United States. March 1, 1817 ... 351 Jppropriations for the Support of Government in 1817. An not making appropriations for the support of government for the year one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1817 .. . ... 852 Prisoners of War. Repeal of the Act of 1812. An act repealing the act entitled "An act for the safe keeping and accommodation of prisoners of war," passed July the sixth, one thousand eight hundred and twelve. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1817 . 358 Appropriation for the Military Establishment in 1817. An act making provision for the support of the military establishment for the year one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1817 .. · 859 Payment to Georgia equal to the Amounl nf rrrlnivz Tmssissqopi Slack. An act authorizing the payment of a sum of money to the State of Georgia, under the articles of agreement and cession between the United States and that State. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1817 ... . ... ... 359 Vox,. Ill.-—(3) b :2