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274 FOURTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 44. 1816. not cxccedinga moneys deposited therein; of lllé Dpi0S ill Gi1‘G\1l3il0Il, and of the spgcje

SEE °f in hand; and shall have a right to mspect such general accounts m the

P,(,,_,,,,,_books of the bank as shall relate to the stud statement: Provided, Tha; this shall not be construed to imply a rrglhtthofl;nsp<ecting the account of an rivate individual or individua s wi e an . No w,ck},,,,d_ lggmnth. _No sppckholdes, unless he be a citizen of the United Smeg, er but u citizen shall vote in the c oice 0 ireotors. gf t*h¤ Units; Swwgmth. No note shall be issued of less amount than five dollars, mn "Qf Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That 1f the said corporation, 0; directors. any person or persons, for or to the use of the same, shall deal or trade M11; mgiagzg in buying or selling goods., yr/RTOS, H1B1C0h3K1C11Sé, Ol' G0mm0d1t1cs what;. dollars to bu ,S_ soever, contrary to the provrsions of this act, all and every person and sued. _ persons by whom any order or direction for so dealing or trading shall dcligggllileswlgf lgave been giveg; andnall and evegyuperson alndlpprgons whiolehall Liga · · · _ een concerne as a ies or a en erem, s a or ei an ose tre e igriilggaimm the value of the gdods, wares? merzchandise alndfcommodities in which such dealin and trade shall have een, one a thereof to the use of the informsé and the other half thereof, to the use of the United States, to be recovered in any action of law with costs of suit. Penalties for Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That if the said corporation shall

 advance or lend any sum of money for the use or on. account of the

United stm, or government of the United States, to an amount exceeding five hundred particularmtes thousand dollars; or of any particular state, to an amount exceeding °' *0 *`°¤’°lz¤ fifty thousand dollars; or of any foreign prince or state, (unless previously g°°°""“°"°" authorized thereto by a law of the United States,) all and every person and persons, by and with whose order, agreement, consent, approbation and connivance, such unlawful advance or loan shall have been made, upon conviction thereof shall forfeit and pay, for every such offence, treble the value or amount of the sum or sums which have been so unlawfully advanced or lent; one fifth thereof to the use of the informer, and the residue thereof to the use of the United States. Notes of the Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That the bills or notes of the l>¤¤k_» ¤¤l¢SS said corporation originally made payable, or which shall have become

 payable on demand, shall be receivable in all payments to the United

yecewabic in ° States, unless otherwise directed by act of Congress.

::2 _Sec. 15. And be itfurthej enacted, That during the continuance of

Smzm thrs act, and whenever required by the Secretary of the Treasury, the 'Thg bunk to saidcorporation shall give the necessary facilities for transferring the mw the _¤§>9¤¤- public funds from place to place, wrtlun the United States, or the terri- $K0£‘°‘¥g;° tories thereof, and for distributing the same in payment of the public ghurgg, {-0, creditors, without charging commissions or claiming allowance on ac- ¢r¤~¤¤!`¤r¢i¤z¢h<= count of difference of exchange, and shall also do and perform the

d°l;s$:s several and respective duties of the commissioners of loans for the several

to dim,,e,,, states, or of any one or more of them, whenever required by law. qugrgsgiih of fine. Ilk’6:t1;l1Hgtb;€ it ljhraher crtactepul, {hp; theslelposits of fh: morlrey . 0 e ni e a es, in aces m w ie e sm an an ranc es

(i)Q thereof may be establishdjd, shall be made in said bank or branches

in the hunk or thereof, unless the Secretary of the Treasury shall at any time otherwise

§‘0l"';‘;;l;f;¤ order and direct; in which case the Secretary of the Treasury shall im-

,,6 laid [,8,-,,,,, mediately lay bcibre Congress, if in session, and if not, immediately after gorigrpss bytbs the commencement of the next session, the reasons of such order or ,P°’° “’-l'° .° direction.

 Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That the said corporation shall

Corporation not at any time suspend or refuse payment in gold and silver, of any of Esgggzigfglggy its notes, bills onoblngatxons; nor of any moneys received upon deposit ,,,€,m,,,,,p,,c,e’ m said bank, or in any of its oflioes of discount and deposit. And if by being marie the said corporation shall at any time refuse or neglect to pay on demand 3‘;’K:“bl°.‘;'**;} any bill, note or obligation issued by the corporauon, according to the P lm"' ° contract, promise or undertaking therein expressed; or shall neglect or