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FOURTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 171. 1816. 335 From Bartields, by Port’s Ferry, toJohnson’s Ferry, on Lynoh’s Creek, P°°*·'°°U° dis' in scum Carolina. ¤°¤¤*¤··¤d- From Port’s Ferry to Conwayborough, South Carolina. From Carthage to Lebanon, in Tennessee. From Windsor to Williamston, in North Carolina. From Triadelphia to Ellicott’s Mills. From Galway to Broadalbin. From Centreville to Leesburg. From Taunton to Weymoxith, in Massachusetts. From Canton to Goshen, in Connecticut. Sec. 2. Ancl be it further enacted, That the following be established pcspmadscc. as post-roads, viz:iablished- In ]lIaine.—-From Lovell to Fryburg. Maine. From Portland, by Poland, Hebron, Norway, Paris, Buckfield, Sumner, Hartford, Livermore, Turner, Minot, New Gloucester, and Hebron Academy, to Paris., From Portland, by Windham, Raymond, Bridgeton, Lovell, Waterford, Norway, Paris, Romford, Bethel and Albany, to Waterford. From Norridgewalk, by Starks and Industry, to Farmington. From Maohias to I·Iagg’s Point, in Lubeck. From Belfast, by Mount Ephraim, Frankfort, Hampden and Bangor, to Edington. From Augusta, by Brown’s Corner and Harlem, to Palermo. From Orrington to Brewer. From Canaan by Palmyra, New Port, Crosley town and Carmel, to Hampden. In New IIampshirc.—Fr0n1 Plymouth, by Campton, Thomton, Peeling New Hampshire. and Lincoln, to Franconia. From Portsmouth, by Dover, Madberry, Barrington, Bamstead, Gilmanton, Meredith and New Hampton, to Plymouth. Lz Vermont.-From Grand Isle to Alburgh. V¢fm¤¤¢· From Hyde Park, by Morristown and Stow, to Waterbury. From Rutland, by Parkorstown, Pittsfield, to Stockbridge. From Newbury, on the Passumpsie turnpike, by Barnet, St. Johnsberry, Lynden, Shetheld and Barton, to Derby. From Colraine, Massachusetts, by Halifax and Whitingham, to Wilmington. That the post-road from Monkton to Hinesburg, pass through Starkesborough. In Massachusetts.-—From Northampton, by Williamsburgh, Goshen, Massachusetts. Plainfield and Savoy, to Adams. From Worcester, by Milbury, Northbridge and Uxbridge, to Smithfield, in Rhode Island. From New Bedford, by Bridgewater, to Boston. That the mail from Northampton to Worcester, pass through Paxton. From the south parish of Bridgewater, by the west and north parishes of Bridgewater, Randolph and Milton, to Boston. In C0nnecticut.—From Middletown to Killingworth. Connecticut. From Hartford, through Canton, Torringford, Torrington, Goshen and Cornwall, to Sharon. In Mw Y0rk.—Fro1n Essex, by Westport, Moriah, Crown Point, Ti- New Y¤rkconderoga, Hague and Bolton, to Fort George, in Caldwell. From Williamstown, Oneida county, by Richland, Ellisbury, and Henderson’s, to Sacketfs harbour in Jefferson county. From Richfield, by Plainfield, Brookfield and Hamilton, to Skaneatelas. From Catherinetown, by Reading, to Benton. From Manlius, by Pompey east, and Pompey west, Hill, Tully, Preble and Homer, to Cortlandt Courthouse.