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ing the burdens or carriages to be drawn over the said road, and to substitute other regulations, if upon experiment such alterations shall be found conducive to the public good: Provided nevertheless,Proviso. That such regulations shall not lessen the burdens of carriages above described.

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, Duties of president and directors, and their powers.That the president and directors the said company shall keep, or cause to be kept, fair and just discounts of all moneys to be received by them from the said commissioners first herein named, and from the stockholders or subscribers to the said undertaking on account of their several subscriptions or shares, and of all moneys by them to be expended in the prosecution of their said work; and shall once at least in every year submit such accounts to a general meeting of the stockholders, until the said road shall be completed, and until the costs, charges and expenses of effecting the same shall be fully liquidated, paid and discharged; and if upon such liquidation, or whenever the whole capital stock of the said company shall be nearly expended, it shall be found that the said capital stock will not be sufficient to complete the said road, according to the true intent and meaning of this act, it shall and may be lawful for the said stockholders, being convened according to the provisions of this act, or their by-laws and rules, to increase the amount to be paid on the shares from time to time, to such extent as shall be necessary to accomplish the work; and to demand and receive the increased amount so to be required on such shares in like manner, and under the like penalties as are herein before provided for the original payments, or as shall be provided by their by-laws.

Sec. 10.Accounts of receipts to be kept, and the half yearly dividends to be declared. And be it further enacted, That the said president and directors shall also keep, or cause to be kept, just and true accounts of all moneys to be received by their several collectors of tolls, at the turnpike gate on the said road, and shall make and declare a half yearly dividend aforesaid in some newspaper printed in the District of Columbia, and at the time and place when and where the same will be paid, and cause to be paid the same immediately.

Sec. 11.Road to be kept in repair, penalties, &c. &c. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the said corporation to keep the said road in good repair; and if in neglect of their said duty the said corporation shall at any time suffer the said road to be out of repair, so as to be unsafe or inconvenient for passengers, the said corporation shall be liable to be presented for such neglect, before any court of competent jurisdiction, and upon conviction thereof to pay the United States a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars, at the discretion of the court; and shall also be responsible for all damages which may be sustained by any person or persons in consequence of such want of repair, to be recovered in an action of trespass on the case, in any court competent to try the same: Provided always, and it is further enacted, When the road shall become free of toll. That whenever the net proceeds of tolls colllected on said road shall amount to a sum sufficient to reimburse the capital which shall be expended in the purchase of such land and making such roads, and twelve per cent. interest per annum thereon, to be ascertained by the circuit court of the United States, in and for the District of Columbia, the same shall become a free road, and tolls shall be no longer collected thereon; and the said company shall annually make returns to said circuit court of the amount of the tolls collected, and of their necessary expenses, so as to enable said circuit court to determine when said tolls shall cease.

Penalty for evading payment of tolls, &c. &c.Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That if any person or persons, riding in or driving any carriage of any kind, or leading, riding, or driving any horses, sheep, hogs or any kind of cattle whatever, on said road, shall pass through any private gate, bars or fence, or over any private way or passage, or pass through any toll. gate, under any pretended privilege or exemption, to which he or she or they may not be