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SEVENTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 118. 1822. 697 cr-edit and for the redemption of the public debt," passedthe third day Mm}, 3, 1795, of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, and so much of ch-45, Md <>f¤c¤ the act, entitled "An act respecting loan office and final settlement cer- °;J‘g“°*2·"9S¤ tificates, indents of interest, and the unfunded and registered debt, latin riiiizbalzid credited on the books of the treasury," passed the twelfth day of June, Emi settlement one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight, as bars from settlement or °°'°m°;°"'¤ &°• allowance certificates, commonly called loan omce and final settlement i:,?;:,;} 2; certilicates, and indents of interest, be, and the same is hereby, suspend- , ed for the term of two years from and after the passing of this act,aud from thence until the end of the next session of Congress; anotifica- N ,.5 . tion of which temporary suspension of the act of limitation shall be pub- ogsssiezziisfw lished by the Secretary of the Treasury, for the information of the hold- be publisheders of the said certificates, in one or more of the public papers in each of the United States. _ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all certificates, commonly call- 1 O"°°g“d‘“g ed loan office certilioates, countersigned by the loan officers of the states, ;i);;i,.;,,,‘:c?°P respectively, final settlement certificates, and indents of interest, which, my be pwat the time of passing this act, shall be outstanding, may be presented at Tsd the treasury; and, upon the same being liquidated and adjusted, shall be being {Quia,.] paid to the respective holders of the same, with interest at six per cent. fed, &<=· to be per annum, from the date of the last payment of interest, as endorsed on £;;gB“;“;zth said certificates. imc,,,,,: M_ Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That, for carrying this act into ,;m,,,,P.-m;,,,, effect, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars be appropriated out of any moneys in the treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated. Arnnovmr, May 7, 1822. "“—""' Srarvrn I. C1-rn. CXVIII.·-.An Act requiring surveyors general to give bond and security May 7, 1822. _/jr the faithful disbursement of public money, and to limit their term of kl; o we. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United E"'! ¤¤"¤Y· States of America, in Congress assembled, That, from and after the g;,?;:;? t:,,,!, passing of i.l1iS HCI, CVG!'] S\1l'V8y0l’ gBDCI3.l, 00mmlSSlOD€d 8l1i.llO· security in the rity of the United States, shall, before entering on the duties of his office, Pg¤B¤éO¤g¤;l<>*` and every surveyor general now in commission, shall, on or before the go; me t;,,;;;; thirtieth day of September next, execute and deliver, to the Secretary of anbummem or the Treasury of the United States, a bond, with good and sumcient P¤§li¤;_¤¤¤¤Y» security, for the penal sum of thirty thousand dollars, conditioned for mnggogrgis the faithiirl disbursement, according to law, of all public money placed cmcm dimes, in his hands for disbursement, and for the faithful performance of the duties of his office. Sm:. 2. And be it further enacted, That the commission of every sur- _Thc‘_ccmmi¤- veyor general now in office, shall, unless sooner vacated, by death, resig- ;°;'¥c;e:;1":i{; nation, or removal from office, cease and expire on the first day of in ,,g;c¢,gm_,”.,,, February next: and the commission of every surveyor general, hereafter Feb 1, 1823- commissioned by the authority of the United States, shall cease and expire of g::;‘;‘;,‘ff;°“’ unless sooner vacated by death, resignation, or removal from office, in gcnsmwex. tour years from the date of the commission. pine in four Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the President of the_United £;':_°°“‘ *h° States shall, and he is hereby authorized, whenever he may deem rt expe- gurveymgen. dient, require any surveyor general of the United States to give new eraltogiveueyv bond and additional security, under the direction of the Secretary of the gg2t1Q3Q3g?;' Treasury, for the faithful disbursement, according to law, of all money M_ ’ placed in his hands for disbursement. Approved, May 7, 1822. Vox., IIl.—88, 3 N