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742 SEVENTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Crr. 23. 1823. ¤¤l§ °!` the act of Parliament of the 24th of June last, being the forty-fourth chap- Umwd Sims' ter of the acts of the third year of George the Fourth. But if at any time the trade and intercourse between the United States and all or any of the above enumerated British colonial ports, authorized by the said act of Parliament, should be prohibited by a British order in council, or by act of Parliament, then, from the day of the date of such order in council, or act of Parliament, or from the time that the same shall commence to be in force, proclamation to that effect having been made by the President of the United States, each and every provision of this act, so far as the same shall apply to the intercourse between the United States and the aboveenumerated British colonial ports, in British vessels, shall cease to operate in their favour; and each and every provision Act 0;- April of the “Act concerning navigation," approved on the eighteenth of April, 18, 1818,ch.70. one thousand eight hundred and eighteen; and of the act supplemen- A°* °*` MW tary thereto approved on the fifteenth of May, one thousand eight hundred 15, 1820,eh.122. ’ . . and twenty; shall revive and be in full force. Any other _ Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That if any British colonial port in B'l‘l¥‘.°°l°“"*l the American hemisphere, other than those hereinabove enumerated, Fscgssgifoiligg should, by virtue of a British order in Council, be opened to vessels of United States, the United States, conforrnably to the provisions of the said act of Par-

l;l;Hl‘°;'f*? liament of the twenty-fourth of June last, each and every provision of

,,,,_ this act shall extend to the same, nom the time when it shall be so opened to the vessels of the United States. Bend to be Sap. 8. And be it further enacted, That the form of the bond aforelé::*g*;;l;;?l}>Y0f_ said shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury; and all penal. the Tr,,,S“,;_ ties and forfertures, incurred under this act, shall be sued foqrecovered, Mitigation distributed, and accounted for, and the same may be mitigated or remit-

 tedljn Sue msngert and according to the provisions of the revenue laws

o the inte . ta es. am Armtovnn, March 1, 1823. Srarurs II. Much 1, Iggy_ Cum-. XXIII.——An dcttoaller the time ty holding the district court of the United

  • 1*** Stalcsfer the district of Kcntuclry.(a)

di;'f;;";0°i§_,t:? Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Kgiitugky aim. States mf America, in Congress assembled, That, from and after the ¤d· next term of the district court of the United States for the district of Kentucky, the said court shall hold its terms on the second Monday in April and October in each year. Approved, March 1, 1823. (a) The acts establishing the sessions of the district courts of Kentucky are: An act to establish the judicial courts of the United States, September 24, 1789, ch. 20, sec. 2. An act making certain alterations in the act go; expsrléllshing gre judicial courts, and altering the time ”“5*t.i’l.?5€t'LirZ`2i.‘i§.‘i§ ¥i?§°ZiL‘.?.?t“Z?.:.ié"3T~ ii§li..s.§.r ‘st.£.Z$$vr..;a. 3, im, a.. n, 6. An act for altering the times for holding thelcircuit court in the district of North Carolina, and for abolishing the July term of the Kentucky district court, Feb. 28, 1806, ch. 13, sec. 2. An act establishipg the:ir;:4ui§r§<51’;rtsi\ar;té apgdggng the jurisdiction of the district eourtsof Kentucky, Tcghexisdszhggfergrlddiailycm the act eiiliitled z' Ariact to amend the act entitled ‘ An act establishing eircuit cplurtpEuggnrildgjiéggthexjuppdietion of the district courts of the districts of Kentucky, Tennessee,

ng,3hdr¥ tpgtgger lphdzgmemf holding the district court of the United States for the district of Kentucky,

Iarc , c . . 24A;;?: lolphgarge the terms of the district courts of the United States for the Kentucky district, Marek , , c . .