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· 1326 Firm-Firms cone Bass. sees. 111. cu. 429. 1899. commissioner shall have the power and authority conferred upon justices of the peace with respect to examinations in criminal cases. V•¤¤¤=¤f Jury- Sec. 370. That when the examination is closed the jury, or two-thirds of their number, must give their verdict in writing, and signed by them, - setting forth, so far as they know or have good reason to believe, who the person killed or wounded is, and when, where, and by what means he came to his death or was wounded, and whether any person, and who, is guilty of a crime thereby. t_'{¤~¤=¤¤¤s·. Mw Sec. 371. That the testimony of the witnesses must be reduced to °°' writing by the commissioner, or under his direction, and the verdict of j the jury delivered to him. ','f:n **::3 'gggg Sec. 372. That if the jury tind that a crime was committed in the up £nm¤¤.p killing or the wounding, and also charge a person with the commission of the crime, the commissioner, as a magistrate, must forthwith issue a warrant for the arrest of such person as on an information, and when the defendant is brought before him must proceed to examine the charge contained in the verdict, and hold the defendant to answer, or discharge him therefrom, in the same manner in all respects as upon a warrant of arrest. hgh,:, °°•'°¤•*‘ *° Sec. 373. That when a commissioner shall hold an inquest upon the y' body of a stranger or panper, and no friend or relative appears to claim _ the body for burial, the commissioner must cause the same to be plainly - and decently buried. . °f°¤¤¤¤’• •*•*·¤·¤¤* Sec. 374. That the commissioner must return to the district court a written statement, verified by his own oath, of the expense of any inquest or burial held by him, including his fees and the fees of jurors and witnesses, which account, upon being allowed by the district court, must be paid to the persons to whom the items thereof are due by the United States marshal, from moneys appropriated to pay the expenses of United States courts. ‘ _ 1¤·f=%·.v dg Sec. 375. That if money or other property be found on the body, the £..;_ °° commissioner must make an inventory of it, and take the same into his — possession, which inventory he must verify and return to the district court, with the account specified in the last section. m_{>i¤1><·¤i¤¤¤ °fP'°P‘ Sec. 376. That the commissioner must, within thirty day from the Y' inquest, deliver the money, or other property, to the clerk of the district court. If it be other property the clerk must cause it to be sold as upon execution, and after deducting the expenses of sale, deposit the same in the manner provided in the case of moneys collected on judgments in favor of the United States. If it be money, he shall also so deposit it. CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT. . OF SEARCH WLBRANTS, AND PROCEEDINGS THEREON¢ 377. Who may issue search warrant. , 385. Within what time warrant must be 378. On what ground search warrant may j executed and returned. issue. ¢ 386. Return of warrant and delivery of 379. wax; issued only upon i 387 Mprolierzygm _ fm to . . 8 IB 8 D 380. Eganmination of complainant and his tg whom. glu copy 0 W ry witnesses. 388. Proceedings if grounds of issuing 881. When magistrate to issue warrant, warrants controverted. form 0L 389. Property. when to be restored. 382. Powe! of officer in executing search 390. Return of magistrate. Warrant. 391. When person procuring search war- 383. Odcermust give receiptfor property rant guilty of misdemeanor. 384 Pm“p¥•:'“ty when delivered to ma is- 392. Pasmhgrgg wit¥t'cri¤iPw¤da:y I: haw how _ of. g l IBPDBI 10110 P0 » “m,;>w¤;¤r¤;__:;1j•¤¤ ¤ Sec. 37 7._ That a magistrate authorized to issue a warrant of arrest has authority to issue a search warrant, directed to the peace officer, commanding him to search for personal property at any place within said District and bring it before the magistrate.