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FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 448. 1898. 46] fractional part thereof, eight cents on the amount msured: Provided, ?’*~·>i_·{¤•- _ That on all policies, for life insurance only, issued on the industrial or S°$vu§e{{viI}°;;$£€§# weekly-payment plan of insurance, the tax shall be forty per centum of P1**“· mx- M- the amount of the first weekly premium. And it shall be the duty of each person, iirm, or corporation issuing such policies to make within the iirst fifteen days of every month a sworn statement to the collector of internal revenue in each of their respective districts, of the total amount of iirst weekly premiums received on such policies issued by the said person, firm, or corporation during the preceding month, and upon the total amount so received, the said person, firm, or corporation shall pay the said tax of forty per centum: Provided further, That the pro- hmmm visions of this section shall not apply to any fraternal, beneiiciary — society, or order, or ‘farmers’ purely local cooperative company or asso- - ciation, or employesé relief associations operated on the lodge system, or local cooperation plan, organized and conducted solely by the members thereof for the exclusive benefit of its members and not forproiit. Insurance (marine, inland, fire,): Each policy of insurance or other mfvme blind. nd instrument, by whatever name the same shall be called, by which insurance shall be made or renewed upon property of any description (including rents or profits), whether again st peril by sea or on inland waters, or by nre or lightning, or other peril, made by any person, association, or corporation, upon the amount of premium charged, one·ha1f of one · . cent on each dollar or iractional part thereof: Provided, That purely gfwoh cooperative or mutual fire insurance companies carried on by the mem- "'"P °°‘ bers thereof solely for the protection of their own property and not for profit shall be exempted from the tax herein provided. Insurance (casualty, fidelity, and Each policy of insur- ° °•;¤1i¢v. ance, or bond or obligation of the nature of i emnity for loss, damage, " _ or liability issued, or executed, or renewed by any person, association, - company, or corporation, transacting the business of accident, ndelity, _ employees liability, plate glass, steam boiler, burglary, elevator, automatic sprinkler, or other branch of insurance (except liie, marine, inland, _ and fire insurance), and each bond undertaking or recognizance, conditioned for the performance of the duties of any office or position, or for the doing or not doing of anything therein specified, or other obligation of the nature of indemnity, and each contract or obligation guaranteeing the validity or legality of bonds or other obligations issued by ` any State, county, municipal, or other public body or organization, or guaranteeing titles to real estate or mercantile credits executed or guaranteed by any ildelity, guarantee, or surety company upon the amount of premium charged, one-half of one cent on each dollar or fractional part thereof. ‘ Lease, agreement, memorandum, or contract for the hire, use, or rent !·¤•¤°··¤*¤· of any land, tenement, or portion thereof- If for a period of time not exceeding one year; twenty-five cents. If for a period of time exceeding one year and not exceeding three years, fifty cents. If for a period exceeding three years, one dollar. Manifest for custom-house entry or clearance of the cargo of any ship, hj‘:é*£1°;•1€:§*°*°°¤· vessel, or steamer for a foreign port- ' If the registered tonnage of such ship, vessel, or steamer does not exceed three hundred tons, one dollar. Exceeding three hundred tons, and not exceeding six hundred tons, three dollars. _ Exceeding six hundred tons, five dollars. Mortgage or pledge, of lands, estate, or property, real or personal, M··¤8¤¤¤·•*¤— heritable, or movable, whatsoever, where the same shall be made as a security for the payment of any definite and certain sum of money, lent at the time or previously due and owing or forborne to be paid, being payable; also any conveyance of any lands, estate. or property whatsoever, in trust to be sold or otherwise converted mto money, which shall be intended only as security, either by express stipulation or otherwise; on any of the foregoing exceeding one thousand dollars and