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6()6 FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Un. 546. 1898. For continuing magnetic observations and to establish meridian lines in connection therewith in all parts of the United States, for continuing the line of exact levels between the Atlantic, Pacxiic, and Gulf coasts, for furnishing points to State surveys, to be applied, as far as practicable in States where points have not been furnished, and for determinations of geographical positions and for continuing gravity observations, twenty-two thousand dollars; .¤¤lif¤¤*¤ *>°¤¤d¤¤’ For surveying and temporarily marking that portion of the eastern h°°‘ boundary of the State of California commencing at and running south- ' eastward from the intersection of the thirty-ninth degree of north latitude with the one hundred and twentieth degree of longitude west from Greenwich, ten thousand dollars. '¤r¤v¤¤¤:¤¤P¤¤¤¤¤· For traveling expenses of officers and men of the Navy on duty, and ""I °tH°°"’°t° for any special surveys that may be required by the Light·House Board or other proper authority, and contingent expenses incident thereto, three thousand four hundred dollars; · For objects not hereinbefore named that may be deemed urgent, including the actual necessary expenses of officers of the field force temporarily ordered to the office at Washington for consultation with the Superintendent, to be paid as directed by the Superintendent, in Inwmstionpl Gw- accordance with the Treasury regulations, and for the expenses of “"° ”“°°‘“"°"‘ the attendance of the American delegate at the meetings of the International Geodetic Association not to exceed five hundred and fifty _ dollars,_four thousand dollars; · _ fggfcwmwblo W Ifromded, That ten per centum of the foregoing amounts shall be pemmuws. available mterchangeably for expenditure on the objects named;- but no more than ten per centum shall be added to any one item of approriation · P In all,’for Held expenses, one hundred and fifty-three thousand three hundred dollars. R¤1>¤ir¤ ¤f *·•¤¤l¤ Fon REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE OF VESSELS: For repairs and °°°' maintenance of the complement of vessels used in the Coast and Geo- . detic Survey, including the traveling expenses of the person inspecting the repairs, twenty-five thousand dollars. “_§f§j;'}°'*°'““k“ For completing the steamer for service in Alaska and the Aleutian lslands, fifty thousand dollars. For equipment and outfit of such vessel, thirty thousand dollars. gggggsimdem 6 Ssirlhuxnsd léoasr AND Gnonrrrro SURVEY: For Superintendent, ' ve thousand dollars; A¤¤i¤¤¤¤¤¤· For pay of assistants, to be employed in the held or office, as the Superintendent may direct: For two assistants, at four thousand dollars each; For one assistant, three thousand two hundred dollars; For four assistants, at three thousand dollars each; For four assistants, at two thousand five hundred dollars each; For seven assistants. at two thousand two hundred dollars each; For seven assistants, at two thousand dollars each; For three assistants, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; For three assistants, at one thousand six hundred dollars each; For three assistants, at one thousand tour hundred dollars each; For six assistants, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; For four aids, at nine hundred dollars each; For four aids, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; in all, ninetytive thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. <>¤i¤·> f·>r¤¤- PAY OF orrrcn rouom: For one disbursing agent, two thousand two hundred dollars; h Fcér gpeicliief of division of library and archives, one thousand eight un r dollars; For clerical three, namely: For two, at one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars each; For four, at one thousand four hundred dollars each; For six, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; For three, at one thousand dollars each;