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750 FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. BES. 53-55. 1898. a f De artment shall not apply the purchase of hdzggalpceig fd: niilitary ldse by the military information division of the AdjutantrGeneral’s Office from the appropriations for the support of the Army for the fiscal years herein named. Approved, June 29, 1898. ‘ July LIM fr4£0u.l:Li:|t:n]§¥:>g1:lii¢;1;rI•`l;>;·improvement of San Joaquin River and Stockton · Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States Imn¤¤v¤¤¤¤¢¤fS•¤ of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be, and he ‘§§$,‘,'§?,]f,{,{{;‘Q,§,'f,,'} is hereby, authorized to expend for improvements and surveys of the ¤¤•¤¤•1¤· ¤¤¤if¤¤¤*¤· waterways hereinafter named and their tributaries any sums of money now to the credit of and heretofore appropriated for the improvement of the San Joaquin River and Stockton and Mormon channels, Cahfornia, as and where, in his discretion, will best improve the commercial capacity of said waterways. Approved, July 1, 1898. July 7,188. U 5g.] Joint Resolution To provide for annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the —··-·i·—-———;· u tates. annum! er um Whereas the Government of the Republic of Hawaii having, in due mp"'??-f‘g,f_'“”“· form, signified its consent, in the manner provided by its constitution, _ to cede absolutely and without reserve to the United States of America » all rights of sovereignty of whatsoever kind in and over the Hawaiian Islands and their dependencies, and also to cede and transfer to the United States the absolute fee and ownership of all public, Government, or Crown lands, public buildings or edifices, ports, harbors, military equipment, and all other public property of every kind and description belonging to the Government of the Hawaiian Islands, gxlggztpercwith every right and appurtenance thereunto appertaining: r or Resolved bg the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States Cmimgrmgsnx ofAme1·€ca in Congress assembled, That said cession is accepted, ratiiied, ',,‘§;,,°§§ig" " ° " and confirmed, and that the said Hawaiian Islands and their dependencies be, and they are hereby, annexed as a part of the territory of the United States and are subject to the sovereign dominion thereof, and that all and singular the property and rights hereinbefore mentioned are vested in the United States of America. cogfmsbg erm; The existing laws of the United States relative to public lands shall f}’§§_ P" °° “'“ not apply to such lands in the Hawaiian Islands; but the Congress of the United States shall enact special laws for their management and

 disposition: Provided, That all revenue from or proceeds of the same

- v esfor educa- _ 1 mnsnpurposema. except as regards such part thereof as may be used or occupied for the civil, military, or naval purposes of the United States, or may be assigned for the use of the local government, shall be used solely for 2:1 lzepleentpolfbtlge Iinhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands for educational urposes. Qusrisrsngglszgm or Until Congress shall provide for the government of such islands all °°‘“ °°" “ · the civil, judicial, and military powers exercised by the officers of the existing government in said islands shall be vested in such person or persons and shall be exercised in such manner as the President of the Removal of officers, United States shall direct; and the President shall have power to . I i remove saidofiicers and till the vacancies so occasioned. m§§;],¤zb*v¤¤Ie;i·t;3 Therexisting treaties of the Hawaiian Islands with foreign nations sums mm". shall forthwith cease and determine, being replaced by such treaties as Mum, B1 wma! may exist, or as maybe hereafter concluded, between the United States im c.,,m¥,,,,,;_ and such foreign nations. The municipal legislation of the Hawaiian Islands, not enacted for the fullillment of the treaties so extinguished,