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FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. SEss. III. Ch. 128. 1899. 825 d Interpreter to legation and consulate-general to Persia, one thousand 0 larsd Ipterpreter to legation and consulate-general to Korea, five hundred o ars· Interpreter to legation and consulate-general to Bangkok, Siam, tive hundred dollars; Total, ten thousand five hundred dollars. · But no person drawing the salary of interpreter as above provided shall be allowed any part of the salary appropriated for any secretary of legation or other onicer. · · LEGATION T0 SPAIN. I·¤s¤¤i¤¤¢¤SI••i¤i For clerk hire at legation to Spain, one thousand two hundred Glerk hiredollarst , OONTINGENT EXPENSES, FOREIGN MISSIONS. To enable the President to provide, at the public expense, all such Gnntingput erstationery, blanks, records, and other books, seals, presse , ilags, and E' '°"“"‘ ““" signs as he shall think necessary for the several embassies and legations in the transaction of their business, and also for rent, postage, telegrams, furniture, messenger service, clerk hire, compensation of kavasses, guards, dragomen, and porters, including compensation of interpreter, guards, and Arabic clerk at the consulate at Tangiere, and the compensation of dispatch agents at London, New York, and San 1>1¤v•¢¤h•g¤¤¤. Francisco, and for traveling and miscellaneous expenses oi embassies and legations, and for printing in the Department of State, and for loss {Milne- hm on bills of exchange to and from embassies and legations, one hundred °" ’ °‘° ‘°‘ and twenty-eight thousand dollars. · STEAM LAUNCH Fon LEGATION AT OONSTLNTINOPLE. ` Hiring of steam launch for use of the legation at Constantinople, one ,m¤•~¤¤ 1¤¤¤¤1¤. hrthonsand eight hundred dollars. y` RENT on LESLTION BUILDING AND Gnoumss IN CHINA. Rm- Rent of buildings for legation and other purposes at Peking, or such Chmother place in China as hall be designated, three thousand six hundred dollars. GROUND RENT or LEGATION AT ·roKYO, JAPAN. Annual ground rent of the legation at Tokyo, ldgpan, for the year ·l¤¤¤¤· ending March fifteenth, nineteen hundred, two hund and fifty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. ANNUAL EXPENSES OF CAPE s1>A1u‘EL LIGHT, COAST OF 1:0120000. Annual proportion of the expenses of Cape Spartel and Tangiers ***1** S1>¤¤°l¤¤¤*· Light, on the coast of Morocco, including loss by exchange, three hundred and twenty-five dollars. DBINGING norm cmMINALs. Actual expenses incurred in bringing home from foreign countries °,,$j,}_’,§"‘¤ "°"'° persons charged with crime, five thousand dollars. FEES AND oosrs IN EXTBADITION cAsEs. To enable the Secretary of State to comply with the requirements of 1¢_¤:r¤•¤¤¤¤ ¤=- the fourth section of “An Act regulating fees and the practice in extra- P°$o1.22,p.2lI. dition cases," approved August third, eighteen hundred and eighty- two, to be disbursed by the Secretary of State, five thou and dollars.