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60 FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 2. 1897. eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, including the Capitol police, the W·A-S¤¤i**·- ofilcial reporters of the Senate and of the House, and W._A. Smith, Congressional Record clerk, for extra services durm g the Fiftyfourth Congress, a sum equal to one month’s pay at the compensation then paid them by law, the same to be immediately available. seem. _ SENATE: For compensation of the officers, clerks, messengers, and °°“"°““°“"°“·°*‘* others in the service of the Senate, namely: Sixteen pages for the Senate Chamber, at the rate of two dollars and fifty cents per day each during the session, four thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars, or so much thereof-as may be necessary, to be immediately available. mH°,_*;¢°_°’ **1*** Housn or Bnrnmsmnrarrvns: To enable the Clerk of the House of .1.1; mummy. rw- Representatives to pay J. B. Holloway for services rendered the Com- "“’““‘* mittee on War Claims in compiling and arranging for the printer, laws and decisions of the courts relating to war claims, and. indexing the same, two thousand dollars. _ B<·¤¤i¤ ¤·¤*¤¤· Bornmo GARDEN: For glazing with plate glass the eastern portion of roof of main conservatory, and for granolithic pavement, and for repairs to asphalt pavements, and for Seneca pavement; and for gen- Ronin eral repairs to buildings and heating apparatus of the same under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library, five thousand tive hundred dollars. bi{’_g=¤¤ 1¤¤·¤¤s•¤¤ Punmc rnmrme nm nummc: For the public printing, for the g` public binding, and for paper ior the public printing, including the cost of printing the debates and proceedings of Congress in the Congressional Record, and for lithographin g, mapping, and engraving for both Houses of Congres , the Supreme Court of the United States, the supreme court of the District of Columbia, the Court of Claims, the Library of Congress, the Executive Office, and the Departments, including salaries or compensation of all necessary clerks and employees, for labor (by the day, piece, or contract), and for rents and all the necessary materials zwhich may be needed in the prosecution of the work,

  • '°°”'**- two million nine hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars; and from

the said sum hereby appropriated printing and binding shall be done by the Public Printer to the amounts following, respectively, namely: A11p¢¤¤e¤t¤f¤1>1=r<» For printing and binding for Congress, including the proceedings ""“°‘°“‘ and debates, and for rents, one million five hundred and twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollars. And printing and binding for Congress chargeable to this appropriation, when recommended to be done by the Committee on Printing of either House, shall be so recommended in a report containing an approximate estimate of the cost thereof, together with a statement from the Public Printer of estimated approximate cost of work previously ordered by Congress, within the fiscal year for which this appropriation is made. For the State Department, eighteen thousand dollars. For the Treasury Department, including not exceeding twenty thousand nine hundred and thirty-tive dollars for the Coast and Geodetic Survey, two hundred and eighty-tive thousand dollars. For the V\’ar Department, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars, of which sum twelve thousand dollars shall be for the index catalogue of the library of the Surgeon-General’s Office. For the Navy Department, seventy thousand dollars, including not exceeding twelve thousand dollars for the Hydrographic Uilice. ‘ For the Interior Department, including the Civil Service Commission, two hundred and seventy-eight thousand dollars, including not exceeding ten thousand dollars for rebinding tract books for the General Land Office. For the Smithsonian Institution, for printing labels and blanks for the “Bulletins " and annual volumes of the •‘ Proceedings " of the National Museum, the editions of which shall not be less than three thousand copies, and binding scientific books and pamphlets presented to and acquired by the National Museum Library, twelve thousand dollars.