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1].08 FIFTY—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 852. 1901. ants of the Marine Corps; pay of enlisted men on the retired list; extra pay to men reenlisting under honorable discharge; interest on deposits by n1en· pay of petty officers seamen landsmen, and ap rentice boys, including men in the enginet-irs’ force; and for the Fish [Commission twenty-two thousand five hundred men fifty additional warrant machinists, and two~thousand five hundrd apprentices under gaining it training stations and on board tflainin ships, anddfe)r men etaile or duty with naval militia at the pay prescribe y law fifteen million two hundred thousaxfd two hundred and eighty-fouf dollars, of which sum fifty thousand dollars is hereby made 1mmed1- ushm duty be- ately_available for pay of additional men and warrant machinists: youd ms.- d,,§,,ed_ Promded, That officers of the Navy, and officers and enlisted men of pehe l\%ar1ne1C1prps,Avlholliavphbeleelteetailed,Io{· mgy léereafter be fietailed, ors ore_, u y in as a e 11p me san s uam or esew ere beylend the continental liinits of tlge lilnited States, shall, be considelreii as aving been detailed for "s ore duty beyond seas " and S al receive pay accordingly, with such additional grey as may’be provided by law O1' service in island possessions of the nited States. se—;<}§g¤<é;1§;¤S§l {vg; That the advancement in rank of officers of the Navy and Marine not to interfere with Corps, WIIGIISOBVBY 1I1&d€, fOI‘ SGYVICG I‘BIIdB1`Bd. dl1I‘ZlIlg the Wa.? Wltll ‘°§§§fS‘,§'c§{‘}‘g§‘,§f‘;‘{b__ Epam, (-pureluant, respectively, to the provisions of sectiplng fifteen P- 259- undre an six and sixteen hundred and five of the Revise tatutes b€°*§f{§f§§,‘},‘§“°§,‘},;f shall not interfere with the regular promotion of officers otherwise bm of grads. ew- entitled to promotion, but officers so advanced, by reason of war service, shall, after they are promoted to higher grades, be carried thereaftenas additional tp ghe nnmbeiils ofelacléigradeltelvilhich Ftheybmay at any 1me e promo e · an eac suc 0 cer s a erea er e promoted in due course, contemporaneously with and to take rank next after the officer immediately above him; and all advancements. made by _ reason of war service shall be appropriately so designated upon the §'Q,"”""’{-’;,,,,,,,,i,,,,,, u, official Navy list: Provided, however, hat no promotion shall be made ml WCB V¤°¤~¤°i‘~>¤· to fill a vacancy occasioned by the promotion, retirement, death, resignation, or dismissal of any officer who, at the time of such promotion, retirement, death, resignation, or dismissal, is anadditional member of his grade under the foregoing provisions. PAY, MISCELLANEOUS. P“"*mjS°€u““°°““· For commissions and interest; transportation of funds; exchange; mileage to officers while traveling under orders in the United States, and for actual personal expenses of officers while traveling abroad under orders, and for traveling expenses of civilian employees, and for actual and necessary traveling expenses of naval cadets while prod ceeding from their homes to the Naval Academy for examination an appointment as cadets; for rent and furniture of buildings and offices not in navy-yards; expenses of courts-martial, priseners and prisons, and courts of inquiry, boards of inspection, examining boar s, with clerks’ and w1tnesses’ fees, and travegngexpenses and costs; stationegy and recording· expenses of purc asing-paymasters’ offices of the various cities, including clerks, furniture, fuel, stationery, and incidental expenses; newspapers and advertising; foreign postage; telegraphing, foreign and omestic; telephones; copying; care of libnary, 1ncluding the purchase of books, photographs, prints, manuscripts, and periodicals; ferriagle, tolls, and express fees; costs of suits; commissions, war1ients,ddip omas, and disc argesi; relief of vessels in distress· canal to s an pilotage· recovery of va uables from shipwrecksquarantine expenses; reports ;,professional investigation; cost of special instruction, a`t home or abroad, in maintenance of students and attachés and information from abroad, and the coliection and classification thereof, and other necessary and incidental expenses, six uundred