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1132 FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 852. 1901. bu§,Q,§¤;;f“°’i°¤ Of Construction of marine barracks on the land attached to the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, seventy-five thousand dollars. Construction of commanding officer’s and junior officers quarters on the land attached to the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, ten thousand dollars. Construction of tireproof building for offices, headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, District of Columbia, fifty thousand dollars. Construction of a marine barracks and officers’ quarters at the naval station, Algiers, Louisiana, fifteen thousand dollars. Construction of a boiler house, lavatory, and connecting bridge, installation of steam heat, and addition of a third story over two wings of marine barracks, navy-yard, Brooklyn, New York, twenty-eig t thousand dollars. In all, public works, Marine Corps, one hundred and seventy-eight thousand dollars. That hereafter the enlistments into the Marine Corps shall be for a period of not less than four years. Irioroaso of the 1Nom=:AsE or THE NAVY. Navy. sh§°,§,Q‘§(§‘{{,,§‘,,‘Q,§’,*§,§§§ That, for the purpose of further increasing the naval establishment cruisers uurhorizod- of the United States, in accordance with the latest improvements in the construction of ships and the production of armor and armament therefor, the Secretary of the Navy is hereby directed to prepare the plans and specifications of two seagoing battle ships and two armored cruisers, carrying the most suitable armor and armament for vessels of their class, and to submit to Congress a general description of such —sooro»o¤o-»<>f rms- battle ships and cruisers on the first Monday in December next; and said Secretary, in preparing said plans and` description, shall review and further consider the questions whether said ships should be sheathed or unsheathed; what should be the weight and extent of the armor therefor; what should be the form and location of the turrets; whether any changes should be made in the number and kind of guns of the various sizes heretofore constituting the armament of similar ships; what, if any, torpedo tubes should be built into large ships; to what extent electricity should be used for auxiliary purposes, and all other questions which have arisen and are now pending among naval architects and ordnance experts concerning the construction of battle —rep<>rr. ships and cruisers under modern conditions; and said Secretary shall, to such an extent as he may deem expedient, report to Congress in connection with said description his opinion upon the foregoing ques- Discreumi in Sopro- tions; and the Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to exercise gig ”$.,§2,§§1€§f£§§ii his discretion as to the sheathing and coppering of naval vessels herein ¤“*b°“Z°d·°‘°· and heretofore authorized to be built. D;‘gQgu€l’§§“,QY°‘kSi That the Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized and directed Remission oi rimo to remit to the Iowa Iron \Vorks, of Dubuque, Iowa, the time penal- §)§1¥iil;i¤th?)il1zsalEr1cS` ties exacted by the Navy Department under the contract with said company for the construction of the torpedo boat Ericsson, the Government having suffered no damage by the delay in the construction, and a sum sufficient for that purpose is hereby appropriated, out of ·any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, not exceeding, however, the sum of seventeen thousand two hundred and twenty-tive dollars. mgggiggeyiion ¤¤d CONSTRUCTION AND MACHINERYZ On account of the hulls and outfits ` of vessels and steam machinery of vessels heretofore authorized. twenty-one million dollars. · Armor uuu arms- Amion AND ARMAMENT: Toward the armament and armor of domestic miitf.29, p. sw. manufacture·for the vessels authorized by the Act of June tenth, X§{§;,3‘;;_p§f;§69»°*°· eighteen hundred and ninety-six; those authorized by the Act of March ` third, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven; for those authorized by the