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X11 LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. V Page. Wrest Wrginia judicial districts. An act to divide the State of West Virginia into two judicial distr1cts. January 22, 1901 .,..,,..,,.._, 736 Postal service. An act to authorize the Postmaster-General to lease suitable premises for use of the Post-()fHce Department. January 22, 1901 .,.,.._,_ 738 General Lcmd Office. An act to supply a deficiency in the appropriation for transcripts of records and plats in the General Land Office. January 22, 1901 .,,,,,.. 738 Missouri, western judicial district, etc. An act to create 2. new division in the western judicial district of the State of Missouri. January 24, 1901 739 District of Columbia. An act revoking and annulling the subdivision of Pencote Heights, in the District of Columbia. January 25, 1901 ... r .,, V .._.,_ 740 District of Oolumbm. An act to p1`0V1dB for the closing of gart of an alley in square one hundred and sixtymine, in the city of Washington, District 0 Columbia, and for the sale thereof to the Young Men’s Christian Association of the city of Washington. January 25, 1901 . 740 Public lcmds. A11 act to allow the commutation of homestead entries in certain cases. January · 26, 1901 .,__,_ 740 Bridge. An act to authorize the construction of a._bridge across the Mississippi River at or near Grays Point, Missouri. January 26, 1901 .. _ 741 District of Columbia, security for appearance in p0Zice court. An act to amend the act entitled "An act to amend the crimma.1 laws of the District of Columbia, " approved July eighth, eighteen hundred and-nine-$ty-eight. January 28, 1901 .. Q .,.,,__,___ 744 S0Zd·ie*rs’ Home. An act to establish a Branch S0ldiers’ Home at or near Johnson City, \Vashingt0n County, Tennessee. January 28, 1901 ..,.. .. ... V 745 ékdine lands. An act extending the mining laws to saline lands. January 31, 1901 ..,.,,,,_ 745 Des Moines, Iowa. A11 act to amend the law establishing a port of delivery at Des Moines, Iowa. February 1, 1901 .,,,.,,__ 745 Navy-yard employees. An act providing for leaves of absence to certain employees of the Government. February 1, 1901 . ;-i ,,,__, 746 Bridge. An act to rovide for the construction of a bridge by the Fargo, Duluth and Northwestern Igailroad gompany across the Red River of the North at Fargo, North Dakota. February 1,19 1 _..._-.;-. ... . .. , ..., 746 Army. An act to increase the eiiiciency of the permanent military establishment of the United States. February 2, 1901 ...,, 748 Revenue cutter at Boston. An act providing for the construction of a, steam revenue cutter for service in the harbor of Boston, Massachusetts. February 4, 1901 ..,,___ 758 Mainejish hatchery; An act 1:0 establish 2. lobster hatchery in the State of Maine. February 4, 1901 . , ,, , .,,, 759 Fwd brandy, An act to amend section thirt£¢-two hundred and fifty-five of the Revised Statutes ‘0f the United States, conccmiug the istillingiof brandy from fruits. ‘ February 4, 1901. . . 759 Dvhmlct of Columbia. An act to amend an act entitled "Au act to incorporate the Masonic Mutual Relief Association of the District of C0lumbia." February 5, 1901 . . ,.,., . __,_ 759 Bridge. An act extending the time for the commencement and completion of the bridge across the Mis ouri River at or near Oacoma., South Dakota. February 5, 1901 ,,,.___,_ 760 Indian Service. An act amending`the act of August fifteenth, eighteen hundred and ninet -four, entitled "An actmaking appropriations for current and contingent expenses of the {udian Department and fulnlling trcatws and stipulations with various Indian tribes for the fiscal yearending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and niuety-five," and for other purposes. V February 6, 1901 . — .. . .. 4; . 760 District of Columbwkz. An act to reiucorporate and preserve all the corporate franchises and prop- 6 erty I'i%gltS of the de facto corporation known as the German Orphan Asylum Association of the istrictof Columbia. February 6, 1901. . . .. 761 District of Columbia. A11 act to enable the directors of Providence Hospital to increase the accommodations of that institution. February 6, 1901 ... 1 . . , 762 Army. An act for the payment of travel allowances, on discharge from the Volunteer Army, to certain officers and enlisted men who reentered the military service of the United States in the Philippine Islands. · February 8, 1901 ; ,.,.,,_. 762 Bridge. An act to supplement and amend the act entitled "An act to incorporate the North River Bridge Company and to authorize the construction of a bridge and approaches at New York City across the Hudson River, to regulate commerce in and over such bridge between the States of New York and New Jersey, and to establish such bridge a military and post road," approved July eleventh, eighteen hundred and ninety. February 8, 1901 . 762 Dams. An act permitting the building of two dams across the Savannah River above the city of Augusta m the State of Georgia. February 8, 1901 . 763 Dam. ‘ An act to authorize the- construction and to maintain a dam and wagon bridge across Twelve-Mile Bayou, in the Ymrish of Caddo, in the State of Louisiana. February 8, 1901. , 763 Dam. An act granting to Keoku and Hamilton Water Power Company right to construct and maintain wing dam, canal, and power station in the Mississippi River, in Hancock County, ~ Illinois. February 8, 1901 . . ; ..._,_,,,_ 764 Bridge. An act to authorize the Kingston Bridge and Terminal Railway Company to construct a bridge across the Clinch River at Kingston, Tennessee. February 8, 1901 764 Berman light. An act for the establishment of u beacon light on Hambrook Bar, Choptank River, Maryland, and for other purposes. February 8, 1901 ... ... ._ A 765 Indian allotments. An act providing for allotments of land in severalty to the Indians of the La Pointe or Bad River Reservation, in the State of Wisconsin. February 11,1901 .. 766 Saginaw, Mich. An act to extend the privileges of the seventh section of the immediate transportation act to Saginaw, Michigan. February 11, 1901 .,,,,_,, 766