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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 854. 1901. 1197 tion of the United States be entitled to a trial by jury, the trial shall be by the court without a jury, unless in such of said last-named cases wherein the fine or penalty may be fifty dollars or more, or imprisonment as punishment for the offense may be thirty days or more, the accused s all demand a trial by jury, in which ease the trial shall be by jury. In all cases where the said court shall impose a fine it may, in default of the payment of the fine imposed, commit the defendant for such a term as the court thinks right and proper, not to exceed one rear. B Sec. 45. JURY.—The jury for service in said court shall consist of —i“iY· twelve men, who shall have the legal qualifications necessary for jurors in the supreme court of the District, and shall receive a like compen- ··q“**iiii°“ii°“S·°‘”· sation for their services, and such jurors shall be drawn and selected under and in pursuance of the laws concerning the drawing and selection of jurors for service in said court. The term of service of jurors —“’im °i ’*°“’i°*i· drawn for service in said police court shall be for three successive monthly terms of said court and, in any case on trial at the expiration of such time, until a verdict shall have been rendered or the jury shall be discharged. The said jury terms shall begin on the first Monday in January, the first Monday in A ril, the first Monday in July, and the first Monday in October of each year, and shall terminate, subject to the foregoing provisions, on the last Saturday of each of said jury terms. When at any term of said court it shall haplpen that in a pending trial no verdict shall be found, nor the jury otherwise discharged before the next succeeding term of the court, the court shall proceed with the trial by the same jury, as if said term had not commenced. Sec. 46. At least ten days before the term of service of said jurors t¤r¤Wi¤s ¤f ¤¤·¤¤¤¤. shall be in, as herein provided for, such jurors shall be drawn as herein- 9 c` before (greeted, and at least twenty-six names so drawn shall be certified by the clerk of the supreme court of said District to the said police court for service as jurors for the then ensuing term. Deficiencies in any panel of any such jury may be filled according to the law applicable to jurors in said supreme court, and for this purpose either judge of said police court shall possess all the powers of a judge of said supreme court and of said court sitting as a special term. No person Eiigiiiiiiiy- shall be eligible for service on a jury in said police court for more that one jury term in any period of twelve consecutive months, but no verdict shall be set aside on such ground unless objection shall be made before the trial begins. Service on such jury shall not render any person exempt, ineligible, ordisqualified for service as a uror in said supreme court, except during his term of actual service in said police court. The marshal of said District, by himself or deputy, shall have chi§,i;g,§i§,*}iju,E§_ h‘"° charge of said jury, and may appoint a deputy for that purpose, who shall be paid three dollars a day while so employed. Sec. 47. JUDGMENT TO BE E1NAL.—'In all cases tried before said J“‘ig’“"“"°b"°““· court the judgment of the court shall be final, except as hereinafter provided. Sec. 48. PoWERs.—The said court shall have power to issue process i""""”· for the arrest of persons against whom information may be filed or complaint under oath made and to compel the attendance of witnesses; i to punish contempts by fine not exceeding twenty dollars and imprisonment for not more than forty-eight hours, or either, and to enforce any of its judgments by fine or imprisonment, or both, and to make such rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary and proper for conducting business in said court. In all cases where the said court shall impose a fine it may, in default of the payment of the fine imposed, commit the defendant for such a term as the court thinks right and proper, not to exceed one year. That every person charged with an offense triable in the police Bnséicggiéigi “P¥’°*”'· court of the District of Columbia may give security for his appearance `