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1368 r1rTY-sixr11 conenass. sms. II. cu. sai. 1901. cation or construction of law, or ne transferred or extinguished by an act or operation of law, then and in every such case such trust or coniifdefsce shall beilog the like forcei and effect as the same would have been i t is statute a not been ma e. $**1** °‘g°°d¤· Sec. 1119. SALE or eooDs.——No contract for the sale of any nods, wares, and merchandise for the price of fifty dollars or upward sgall be allowed to be good except the buyer shall accept part of the goods so sold and actually receive the same or giye something in earnest to bind the bargain or in part payment, or that some note or memorandum in writing of the said bargain be made and signed by the parties to be charged by such a contract or their agent thereunto lawfully authorized. CHAPTER Tmnrr. mE§;“‘;‘;}$,“”,°,§gi‘§€,§j FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCES AND ASSIGNMENTS. ments. crggiggg *0 deimud Sec. 1120. INTENT TO DEEEAUD cEE1>rrons.—Every conveyance or assignment, in writing or otherwise, of any estate or interest in lands or rents and profits issuing from the same, or in goods or things in action, and every charge upon the same, and every bond or other evi—‘ dence of debt given, or judgment or decree suffered, with the intent to hinder, delay, or defraud creditors or other persons having just claims or demands of their lawful suits, damages, or demands, shall be void Pr<>w%*¤¤· as against the persons so hindered, delayed, or defrauded: Pro/violecl, -¤¤¤·=¤- That nothing herein shall be construed to affect or impair the title of a purchaser for a valuable consideration, unless it shall a ear that such purchaser had previous notice of the fraudulent intent oghis immediate grantpr, or of the fraud rendering void the title of such grantor: q1};@§;¤0f‘}§$§°d “ roczviedfurtizierza Thgt thp qpefstion of fraudulent intent shall be deemed a ues ion of ac an no o ew. gy d€‘¤*“d P“’°h“‘ (§EC. 1121. INTENT tro DEFRAUD PURCHASERS.——EVBYy conveyance of ` any estate or interest in land or the rents and ro‘dts thereof, and every charge upon the same, made or created with the intent to defraud prior or subsequent purchasers for a valuable consideration of the same lands, rents, or proiits, shall, as against such purchasers, be void; but no such conveyance or charge shall be deemed fraudulent in favor of a subsequent purchaser who shall have actual or legal notice thereof at the time of his purchase, unless it appear that the grantee in such conyleypnceé or thel pprson to be benefited by such charge, was privy to the rau inten e . " mgxécgiggiggglgili Sec. 1122. Exnotrrons, AND so rontrn, MAY sun ro vAcArE FRAUDU— ism deed. LENT DEED.-·—Any executor, administrator, receiver, assignee, or other trustee of an estate, or of the property and effects of an insolvent estate, corporation, association, partnershi , or individual, may, for the benefit of creditors and others interesteg in the estate or property so held in trust, disaiiirm, treat as void, and resist all acts done, transfers and a reements made in fraud of the rights of any creditor, including themselves and others interested in any estate or property held by or of right belonging to any such trustee or estate; and every person who in fraud of the rights of creditors and others shall have received, taken, or in any manner interfered with the estate, property, or effects of any deceased erson or insolvent corporation, association, partnership, or individualpshall be liable, in the proper action, to the executors, administrators, receivers, or other trustees of such estate or property for the same, or the value of any property or effects so received or taken, and for all damages caused by such acts to any such trust estate.