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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 854. 1901. 1389 _ CHAPTER FORT}'-ONE. LIMITATION OF ACTIONS mf;j;f*“““°" ei ‘*"· Sec. 1265. PERIODS or LIMITATIONS-NO action shall be brought m§,;"g’{}§ ,;}§m}gQ}';j; for the recovery of lands, tenements, or hereditaments after fifteen nmds; acm»ns`¤¤ years from the time the right to maintain such action shall have accrued; b°°dS‘ `°t°' nor on any executor’s or administrator’s bond after five years from the time of the right of action accrued thereon; nor on any other bond or single bill, covenant, or other instrument under seal after twelve years after the accruing of the cause of action thereon; nor upon any simple contract, express or implied, or for the recovery of damages for any injury to real or personal property, or for the recovery of personal property or damages for its un awful detention after three years from the time when the right to maintain any such action shall have accrued; nor for any statutory penalty or forfeiture, or for libel, slander, assault, battery, mayhem, wounding, malicious prosecution, false arrest or false imprisonment after one year from the time when the right to maintain any such action shall have accrued; and no action ·°¤***h°*¤¤¤0¤S· the limitation of which is not otherwise specially prescribed in this section shall be brought after three years from the time when the right to maintain such action shall have accrued: Provided, That if any per- {,’;;*‘·¥$~· d d. son entitled to maintain any of the actions aforesaid shall be at the niiip-Siiiiiiéiln riginlsgi time of the accruing of such right of action under twenty-one years of “°“°“ "°"’“‘“· age, non compos mentis, or imprisoned, such person or his proper representative shall be at liberty to bring such action within the respective times in this section limited after the removal of such disability, except that where any person entitled to maintain an action for the recovery of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, or upon any instrument under seal, shall be at the time such right of action shall accrue under any of the disabilities aforesaid, such person or his proper representative may bring such action within five years after the removal of such disability, and not thereafter. _ _ Sec. 1266. SUITS AGAINST DECEDENTS’ EsTATEs.—In suits against d§%§€s§;*g;§s° d°°°‘ the estate of a deceased person, in computing the time of limitation the interval between the death of the deceased and the granting of letters testamentary or of administration shall not be counted as part of said time of limitation. . Sec. 1267. FOREIGN JUDGMENTS—·EV€1'}’ action upon a judgment or F°’*=ig¤i“‘?gm€¤*¤· decree rendered in any State or Territory of the United States or in any foreign country shall be barred if by the laws of such State, Territory, or foreign country such action would there be barred and the judgment or decree be incapable of being otherwise enforced there; and whether so barred or not, no action shall be brought in the District on any such judgment or decree rendered more than ten years before the commencement of such action. SEc. 1268. ACTION BY THE UNITED STATEs.—None of the provisions U1-gggiggtesbr the aforesaid shall apply to any action in which the United States is the ` real and not merely the nominal plaintiff. ‘ Sec. 1269. ABSENCE or DE1¤EI~:I>ANT.—If, when a cause of action mA;¤¤¤¤¤<= of d<=fe¤<1- accrues against a person who is a resident of the District of Columbia, ' he is out of the District or has absconded or concealed himself, the period limited for the bringing of the action shall not begin to run until he comes into the District or whilehe is so abscon ed or concealed; and if after the cause of action accrues he abscond or conceal himself, the time of such absence or concealment shall not be computed as any part of the period within which the action must be brought. Sec. 1270. ACTION STAYED BY INJUNCTION.·—“7h€fG the bringing of _ Acgiogsmyed byinan action has been stayed by an injunction or other order of a court mm 10 '