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1424 r1FrY -s1XrH oonomass; Sess. H. orr. 854. 1901. m§;=lg;i¤s 0** i¤dg· Sec. 1571. SETTING orr JUDeMnNrs.—Where reciprocal claims between different parties have passed into judgments the court may on motion, in its discretion, order that the judgments shall be set pd against each other and satisfaction of both be entered to the amount of the smaller claim. 1 · CHAPTER. FIFTY-FOUR. . Snreties. ¤<>¤¤r¢r¤¤¤¤riw· Sec. 1572. Cocnrnn snoUnrrY.—When the surety, or his pei-Sem] representatives, of any officer, commissioner, receiver, or trustee appointed under a decree of court and required to give bond shall ' apprehend himself to be in danger of suffering from the suretyship and shall petition the court to be relieved from the suretyship, or that the court shall require said officer, commissioner, receiver, or trustee to give counter security, the court may, on reasonable notice to the trustee ·or other ohicer, require him to give counter security or te give a new bond in the same manner as if none had been given by him, and on his failure so to do by a day named may remove him from his office or trust and appoint a new trustee or other officer in his stead to complete the dutiesof his office or trust,_ and may thereupon order him to deliver over to his successor all the trust property, including moneys, books, papers, bonds, notes, and evidencesof debt, and may compel compliance with said order by attachment. Safety .<>¤di¤d¤*¤€{ Sec. 1573. JUDGMENTS AGAINST.—VVll(51‘€ any person shall recover paying 1¤_Sme¤ . . . . . against principal 8. judgméht O1" Hlolléy (16%:1766 2Lg`&1I1Si3 tl16 `p1’111C1prLl debtor and a, surety §“§,"l,,3§§,’§1§§§iIY§t],j§Y,f or indorser, and the judgment shall be satisiiediby the surety or indorser, Gipsi- the latter shall be entitled to have the judgment or money decree entered by the clerk to his use and to have execution in his own name against the principal, and where any judgmentor money decree shall be rendered against several sureties and one of them shall satisfy the whole debt, the said surety shall be entitled to have the judgment or decree entered to his use, as aforesaid, and to have execution against each of the other sureties in the judgment or decree for a proportionate part of the debt so paid by him; and on the motion of said surety so paying the entire debt and notice to the other sureties the court may determine for what amount execution shall issue against each of the other sureties. . CHAPTER Frrrr-Frvn. Surveyor. q mgggcogo lj<;gfQ§€a<j{ Sec. 1574. OrFIoE.—The office of the surveyor of the District shall he property, eiie. . the legal office of record of the plats of all private property, in the District of Columbia, and authenticated copies of all records of the division of squares and lots made between the public and the original proprietors or otherwise authorized by law shall be kept insaid office. —transcripts from re- Sec. 1575. T.l{ANSCRIPTS.——All transcripts from such records ee1‘tifiGd °°Ids' by the surveyor shall be prima facie evidence thereof. _ Rwirds District Sec. 1576. ‘REGORDS.—The records of the surveyor of the Dist1‘1Gt pr°pmy‘ of Columbia shall be a part. of the United States property under the jurisdiction of the,Commissioners of the District of Columbia. Salary of Survwer- Sec. 1577. SALARY.——The surveyor of the District of Columbia shall receive a salary of thr_ee thousand dollars per annum in lieu of feesr and shall be appointed by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia for a term of four years, unless sooner removed for cause, and shall be under the direction and control of the said Commissioners. —b<>¤<i· Sec. 157 SL BoN1>.—~The surveyor shall give bond to the Unit€€l States in the penalty of twenty thousand dollars, with security, to be