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120 FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 192. A 1900. Dg§,;$““ °‘Y*`~“’“““" BUREAU or YARDS AND Docks: For chief clerk, two thousand doilars; draftsman and clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one _ clerk of class three; two clerks of class two;.one clerk of class one; lgne (?SSgSl.3&Iél3 meisengef; and one laborer; in all, ten thousand seven un_ re an eig ty o lars. ·V B°°kS- For professional. books and periodicals for Department library seven hundred and fifty dollars. ‘ p U . - ’ Geutinsentexpeqses- For stationery, furniture, newspapers, plans, drawings, drawing materials, horses and wagons, to be used only for official purposes, freight, expressage, postage, and other absolutely necessary expenses og? ·t e l:T1a:1ryuDepartment and its various bureaus and offices. twelve thousand dollars. I¤te¤i<¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤*- DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. Per Of ¤<¢<=¤¢*>¤*r· Crrron or run. SEGRETARY: For compensation of the Secretar of mmam’ °l°rkS’ °i°' the Interior, eight thousand dollars; First Assistant Secretary, fbur {;housap1d§iv<i: hlgndred dlollars;dAissisEantdSegr§tg;y, fouiéthousgndddolarsrc ie c er two thousand ve. un re dollars an two un red V and hfty dollars additional as superintendent of the Batent Office build- Agsxg 0* P<=¤¤i¤¤ ing; nine members ofxa Board of Pension Appeals, to be appointed by -au·1m2mx mem- the Secretary of the Interior, at two thousand dollars each; three add1- l’°“· tgpngl membersfoflsaiil Board ofdPension pppelags, to bl? appointed by t e Xecretary o_ the nterior an to be se ecte rom the orce of the . L¤¤d‘¤¤P€°*°’· Pension Office, at two thousand dollars each; special land inspector, connecteg Evithhthe administrE».til<;n of the puhéic lapd segvice to lpe a pointe y the ecretary o the nterior an to e su ject to is direction, tw; thousgnd Svc hundred dollaxis; cllerk in charge of docue ments two thousand dollars· custodian w o s all give bond in such ‘ sum as the Secretariof the Ihterior may determine, two thousand dollars; seven clerks, c iefs_of division, at two thousand dollars each, one of whom shall be clisbursing clerk; four clerks, at two thousand dollars . ~ ·s»· each; private secretary to the Secretary of the Interior, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; twelve clerks of class four; eleven clerks . `of class three; thirteen clerks of class two; twenty-seven clerks of cgss orie, iwo of Yhom slgzl}; be gtenplgggpliepp or t¥pevsirite{·s;kretur£s oy ce cer one thousand wo un r dollars· emae cer to e gesignacteél ?i>y the Presfdgpt, to sign lland palteliiiip, one tgousatd two un re dollars· two c er s at one thousand dollars eac · one clerk, nine hundred dollars; eight izopyists; telephoneoperator, six hundred Messengers. dollars; three messengers; SIX assistant messengers; fourteen laborers; ` ;wodsk§led dmtechapicpf Bus att nine hundred dollars mild o(pe gtdseiffen un re an wen y dollars· wo carpenters at nine un re dollars each; one laborer, six hundred dollars; one lpacker, six hundred. and sixty dollars; conductor of elevator, seven hundred and twenty dollars; ` W‘**°hm°“- four charwomen; captain of the watch, one thousand dollars; forty ` watchmen; additiona to two watchmen acting as lieutenants of watchmen, lat <:1neé1u(p<H·ed andtwenty dollars each; engineer, one thousand two un re dollars· assistant engineer one thousand dollars· and seiéen ii1;eme(p;uin all, two hundred and thirty-six thousand six hundred · an twenty dollars. _ `Ad°m°“°l °mPl°Yj For additional employees for the proper protection heating care ?>ed’iceGt$¤i1ild·li¤s.P0St and preservation of the Geineral Post-Oflice building; to be occupied by gh? Departgiexét gflfhe Interior, rgznzely: Que enginegr, one ghloni- _ san our un re dollars· one 8SS1S n engineer one thousand o - , ¥rs;1 fcéur fi1rgme;n;;lE·ee Uawatclghmen, acting ES lieutenants,dat eight un re an or y dollars eac · twenty watc men· one con uctor of _ elevator, at sevenhundred and twenty dollars; fourteen laborers; ten i lsaborersé atfcilur l11ur;1d1te¢(li and eéggty dollars each; in all, thirty=six thousand two un re an sixty dollars.