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xvm LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. ` . Page. Bulletin No. 80, etc. Joint resolution providing for reprint of Bulletin Numbered Eighty, entitled " The Agricultural Experiment Stations of the United States." February 23, 1901 ... 1462 Interior Dzigiiartment. Joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to remove from the les of the Department of the Interior certain letters to be donated to the State of Iowa. February 28, 1901 ..., 1462 San Antonio Emir. Joint resolution authorizing articles imported from foreign countries for the _ sole purépose of exhibition at the San Antonio International Fair and at the Texas State Fair an Dallas Exposition, to be held in the cities of San Antonio, Texas, and Dallas, Texas, to be imported free of duty under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. February 28, 1901 ... " .. I 462 Distnbt of Columbia. Joint resolution extending the time within which certain street railroads in the District of Columbia may be constructed. March 1, 1901 ... 1463 District of Columbuz. Joint resolution regulating licenses to proprietors of theaters in the District of Columbia. March 1, 1901. , .. , , . U .4 . 1463 District of Columbia. Joint resolution giving the Commissioners of the District of Columbia ` authority to provide for the public comfort. March 2, 1901 . 1464 Tennessee Exposition. Joint resolution providing for the plublication of the report of the board of management of the United States Government ex ibit at the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. March 2, 1901 ; . .. 1464 Congressional Library;. Joint resolution to re rulate the distribution of public documents to the Library of Congress for its own use and for international exchange. March 2, 1901 ... 1464 Geological Survey. Joint resolution concerning printing of additional copies of the annual report of the Geological Survey. March 2, 1901. .-; ... _ .. : .. _ . . 1465 Navy. Joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to cause bronze medals to be struck and distributed to certain officers and men who participated in the war with Spain, and for other purpose . March 3, 1901. . . ; . 1465 Boundary line. Joint resolution ratifyin agreement between Tennessee and Virginia with reference to the boundary line of said States. March 3, 1901 1465