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1838 CON VENTION—·GERMAN EMPIRE. AUGUST 26, 1899. Form 1. Foam 1. A. Parcels-Post between the United Slates and the German Empire.


Date Place to which l Form or cusroms DECLARATION. theipnrcel is Stamp. [ ad ressed. [ . _.v._..,. l__;__ Description of ‘ parcel: [State Total whether box, Contents. Value. Per cent. customs basket, bag, charges. i etc.] l Total. - l I Date 0; posting; __________________ , 13,,; signature and address of sender ·········- · ----···--·-·· wlior use of Post-Office only, and to be filled up at the office of exchange. Parcel Bill No  ; N0. of rates prepaid  ; Entry No. ., . B. [country of origin.] Parcels-Post from ... . . The import duty assessed by an officer of customs on contents of this parcel Date amounts to , which must be paid before the parcel is delivered. Stamp. C. [country of origin.] Parcels-Post from . This parcel has been passed by an officer of customs and must be delivered Date FREE or CHARGE. ‘ » Stamp. I