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1926 TREAT`1'—S\N’ITZERLAND. MAY 14, 1900. __ MM It 19°&__ Ybeaty between the United States and Switzerland for the extradition 0f criminals. Signed at llitsbtngtrm May 14, 1900; rattfieation with amendments advised by the Senate Jane 5, 1.900; rattfted by the President february Q5, 1901; raitqvled by Switzerland January 921, 1.901; ragfcattons ervebavnged at Vashington Febrizzary 27, 1.901; proelaime February 28, 1901. Br THE PRESIDENT or THE UNITED STATES or AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. ?’€*·¤>b**=~ Whereas a Convention between the United States of America and the Swiss Confederation providing for the extradition of crimi·nals was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Washington on the 14th day of May, one thousand nine hundred, the original of which Convention, being in the English and French languages is,l as amended by the Senate of the United States, word for word as fo lows: · C¤¤¤¤mi¤g Parties- The Government of the United Le Gouvernement des Etats- States of America and the Federal Unis d’Amerique et le Conseil Council of the Swiss Confedera- Federal de la Confederation Suisse tion, with a views to the better ont resolu, en vue d’une meilleure administration of justice, have re- administration de la justice, de solved to conclude a new Conven- conclure une nouvelle Convention tion for the extradition of fugitive pour Fextradition des malfaiteurs criminals, and, for that purpose, fugitifs, et ont nomme dans ce but have appointed as their Plenipo- pourleursplenipotentiaires,savoir: tentiaries, to wit: ‘ Pienipvrentiaries. The President of the United Le President des Etats-Unis States of America: John Hay, d’Amerique: John Hay, Secre- Secretary of State of the United taire d’Etat des Etats-Unisgle Con- States; the Federal Council of the seil Federal de la Confederation Swiss'Confederation: J. B. Pioda, Suisse: J. B..Pioda, Envoye Ex- Envoy Extraordinaryand Minister traordinaire et Ministre Plenipo- Plenipctentiary of Switzerland to tentiaire de Suisse aux Etats-Unis; the United States; Who, after com- Lesquels, apres s’etre communiqué municating to each other their full leurs pleins pouvoirs, trouves en powers, which were found in good bonne et due forme, sont convenus and due form, have agreed upon des Articles suivants: the following Articles: T ARTICLE I. TXRTICLE I. fR¤¤i1>r¤¤¤i<1%1iv•=rg The Government of the United Le Gouvernement des Etatsiivinnpgfxiilii C urge States of America and the Swiss Unis d’Amerique et le Conseil Federal Council bind themselves Federal Suisse s’engagent a se mutually to surrender such per- livrer reciproquement les persons as, being charged with or con- sonnes qui, prevenues ou convain ·