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190. FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 554. 1900.. glllsungge séxclla lights or otheirsigrgzlg 0; saadh bridgie as the Liglitf M¤*¤¢¢¤¤¤¤¤ of ouse ar s a rescribe: wi a 0 at 881 company s a r °h°m°°]’ lic` ·i at its own expense, build and maintain, under direction and supervisioxi of the Secretary of War, such wing dams and booms or other works necessary to maintain the~channel within the draw spans of said bridge, and shal , at their own expenses, maintain a depth of water through said draw. spans not less than that now existing, asshown by the report giirthe Wa&?ep'aLtmea1t,, atl the point where siaid bridge may beéaocagad: Rims 0* ¤“’°°°S 0 at a rai way companies esirin to use said ri ge t° lm shall have and be entitled to equal rights and priviages in the passage of thesame, and in the use of the machinery and fixtures thereof, and of all the lagiprgaches thare3oi)ua}de1·Sand upon iucvlaf terms audi conditions- as s a e~ rescribe e ecretary o ar u on earing the allegations angéiroofs of tliavparties, in case they shall not agree. r§g£¤<‘¤¤°¤ °‘ ¤P· Sec. 3. That the ecretary of ar is hereby authorized and directed, Pupon ireceivizaig such plan and map and otl:er_information, and upon being satisfi that the bridge bui t upon such plan, with such accessory works, and at such loca ity, will conform to the prescribed conditions of this Act, to notify the compxany that he approves the- same; and upon receiving such notification the said company may proceed to an erection of said bridge, conforming strictly to the approved plan changes. and location; andlgshcgul any ghange be mad? ialthe pla{n cg? the bmdgla or accessor wor uring the pro ress o the wor ‘ thereon suc aléange sléallgbe sulgecéz likewise go tiéle apprlovalgf the Sleaaetary gf ar* an i _ any ri ge erecte un er said ‘ authority s a in the opinion of the Secretary of War, obstruct such navigation, he id hereby autholaizaél to caiise guch chang; origlteration of siai ubridgle. ta be made aswi e ectua y o viate suc 0 truction an a Qsuc »a terations shall bemade and all such obstructionsbe iiemoved at the expense of mugaumi. the said corporation; and in case of any litigationsarising from any obstruction or alleged obstruction, to the free navigation o said river, caused, or alleged to be caused, by said bridge, the case may be brought ‘ inhaaly court of the lgniteg Etadtgs of theb Stinte ofi Scgt Zlgagottahin P;Q*¤*¤¤· E _. w ic any rtion 0 said ri e ma e ocate : V ovat ` regeriling 1 W um nothing in this Act shall be so construed, as to repeal or modify any of the provisions of law now existing in reference to the plrotection of tac }§1avigatio1})of rivg? 022 alxlamggzl thes liiéidgg igom tbe opcragion Re 0 1 ot pnmz. 0 thesame: ¢·0md0' uri r at is ri ve s a not e opene to °*°f m- va traflic until all piling and officr false work used in constructing the bridge sgag havebeen wholly removed to the satisfaction of the Secretary o ar. . ‘ £u’{_`gaQ1€di¤*g{¤Q°;&;¤¤· Sec. 4. That the said bridge and accessory works, when built and P°constructed under this Act, and according to the terms and limitations 4 thalrg, shall be lawful structures, gndlsaid bridlge ihall lb; recogaazgd an e own as a posteroute upon w ic a so no ig er c rge s a e made for the transmission ’over`the same of the mails, the troops, and . ghe rgunitions of war of the Ignitei States than &he rllatehper mi e Said or the transportation over the rai roads or pu ic ig ways ea ing F¤¢i8¤¤-¢w··¤¤*¤S¤¤- to such bridge; and said bridge shallenjoy the rights and privileges of other post routes of the United States, and Congress reserves the right at any time to regulate by aggrogriate legislation the charges G<>v<·=¤ ¤¤<==¤¢ i><>¤¢—¤1 fO1S1l:bBi§hl1‘£li](t ilissllngildd Sllitesaih gc. th 'S ht f f h · Q: ..· a e D1 ssa ave erig oway orsuc i°k°gmphH°_ stal tele ra h lines across said brid e as-the Government ma con=i ‘ P0 g P g Y struct or control. ·V m%¤;g:ggg0<·;]¤¤¤¤ Sec. 6. That this Act shall benull and void if actual construction of Pthe bridge herein authorized be not commenced within two years and com§>leted w-ithin four years from the gate of approval thereof. Am°“°“‘°“" no. 7. That Congress reserves the right to a ter, amend, or repeal this Act at any time. _ . · ’Approved, May 25, 1900.