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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 718. 1900. 273 firmation, shall be a judg/agent against the said Washington and Great "- Falls Electric Railway ‘ mpany, and may be entered, docketed, and ·‘ collected gas other judgments in said court are by lawn collectible. If —¤{Ht¤ institute pw the said company shall omit to institute the proceeding hereinbefore °°° mi ’ required, wit in the time hereby limited, the stockholder giving such notice may institute such proceeding by a proper petition on his own behalf or, at the election of such stockholder, the estate, rights, property, and franchises of the selling corporation shall revest in such corporation, and the consideration received therefor shall be repaid to the said Washington and Great Falls Electric Railway Company. All oblpgtions imposed by law upon the Washington and Great Falls t,£§jgg§,¤;§ ¤;>li€¤· Electric ilway Company in respect to the time and mode of con- nnuea. p° y°°°' structing its railway, or the motive power to be employed, or the speed v or-frequency at which cars are to e» run, or in respect to any other matter affecting the interests of the United States, or of the general public, or the people of the saidlDistrict, except as such obligations are expfessly modified or repealed by this Act, shall continue to be - applica le to the road or route now belonging to said corporation, and _ s all be"coniined thereto: Provided, That the Washin ton and Great §QT,,§’f,%‘;,,,,,_ Falls Electric Railway Company, on the purchase of tie pro erty or franchises of any or a l of said railroad companies as in this bililauthor- ‘ ized, shall be empowered to chargle over the said route or routes thus , acquired therates of fare now authorized by law to be charged thereon by the respective companies owning] or operating the same, and no more: An provided further, That thes rig t or privilege granted by section one of the Act a proved July twenty-ninth, eggrteen hundred "<>l·27·P·$26- and ninety-two, entitledp ‘An Act to incorporate the ashington ahd .. Great Falls Electric Railway Company," by which said company is authorized to charge a fare of ten cents per (passenger for transportation over the line of railway authorized and escribed by said Act, be, and the same hereby is, amended so as to limit the rate of fare on said _ line of railway to five cents per passenger, and said Washington and §§}f,_ “°"°‘S *°' 25 Great Falls Electric Railway Company is hereby required to sell tickets ` at the rate of six for twenty-five cents, each good for the transportation of one passenger over the whole or any part of·its said line of o railway authorized and described by said_Act within the District of 0 i tions im se y aw u on any corporation w ose roa or Extsttngobuguuons

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route is adgdauired in gcocordauce witliithe provisions of this Act, except iii.i°.'€,%`}i'°° '°“° °°“' asthe same may be ex ressly modified or repealed by this Act, shall continue to be applicagle to such acquired road or route and shall be confined thereto, and such road or route shall be acquired subject to such obligations and with all the rights and powers possessed by the .. selling corporation. — · ·‘ . Sec. 3. hat the Washington and Great Falls Electric Railway Com- `ggeggggg Ogggcttgé pany may acquire and hold shares of the capital stock or other securi- (tower csmpaniesem. ties of any company suptplying or under contract to supply electric power in the operation o its railway to_it or to any of the corporations whose shares of stock or whose property and franchises it is authorized to ac uire under this Act; and as a part of any contract for the supply 0% said power the said Washington and —Great Falls " Electric Railway Compan may exchange its stock and securities for the stock and securities ofy any such electric power company, and may guarantee the securities of any such power company, but in no event shall said railway corporation be authorized to receive a_ transfer of the properti or franc ises of such electric Ipower company.. Y » Sec. 4. ‘ That the Wash»ing*ton and Great alls Electric Railway Com- 0,‘§,*;§g},·‘§g§Sl” ““¤"°°’ pany is hereby authorized from time to time to make such changes in the number of its directors as its by-laws may provide, and a so to boggapinsigiuigf limit and regulate in its by laws the times and conditions of the exam- sm, S Y s°°° ° ` vox. xxx1———18