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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 785. 1900. 289 M1L1T1A: That authority is hereby given to pay the claim of S. S. Mmm- Daish and Sons for thirty-three dollars and forty-five cents for coal furnished to the Naval Battalion of the District of Columbia Militia. METRoPoL1TAN PoL1cE: For contingent expenses for the fiscal years Metropolitan police. as follows: · - T For the fiscal year nineteen hundred, two thousand five hundred dollars. For the Hscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, seven hundred and ninety-three'dollars and eighty-six cents. For repairs to stations, one giousaud dollars. §1RE DEPARTMENT: For contingent expenses for the fiscal years as Fire department; fo ows: ` For the fiscal year nineteen hundred, five hundred dollars. For the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, one hundred and twenty-seven dollars and eighty-one cents. For forage, fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, ninety-four dollars and seventy-three cents. For repairs to engine houses, fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety- nine, twenty-eight dollars and twelve cents. TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE SERVICE; For general expenses, two gggmpb end tele thousand three hundred and ninety-six dollars and five cents. . p Semw HEALTH_ DEPARTMENT: For disinfecting service, Eve hundred dollars. Heeiih <iepe¤¤neni· EMERGENGY FUND! That the sum of twenty-five dollars, paid J. g-igeyemie. S rigg Poole, agent, being cost of the bond of the acting disbursing or. re 1 m &°°°°°ts ogcer, District of Columbia, is hereby allowed, and the accounting officers of the United States Treasury BIB authorized and directed to credit the same in the settlement of the accounts of A. McKenzie, acting disbursing officer, District of Columbia. CoURTs: To pay A. S. Taylor for services as judge, fiscal year Jndgen. s. Taylor. eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, eighty dollars. P“y"‘°“° °°‘ JUDGMENTS: For the lpayments of judgments, including costs, J¤d€*¤e¤i¤· against the District of Co, umbia, set forth on page nine, House Document Numbered Six hundred and forty-two, of this session, and on page three of Senate Document Numbered Four hundred and thirteen, f ten thousand five hundred and ninety-three dollars and forty-eight cents, together with afurther sum to pay the interest on said jud ments, as provided by law, from the date the same became due until die date of ayment. §ORTHER.N LTEERTY MARKET CLAIMS; To pay John A. Frey the {,g_h¤ Algeramount found due by the auditor of the supreme court of the District me °` of Columbia, two hundred and seventy-five dollars, to be paid wholly from the revenues of the District of Columbia. SUPPORT on PR1soNERs: For expenses for maintenance of the jail erguvpeit of prisonof the District of Columbia and for support of prisoners therein,· to be expended under the direction of the Attorney-General, four thousand dollars. _ . DEPENDTNG SUITS IN CLAIMS: For defending suits in the United dg§I{g¤dins sniis in States Court of Claims, one thousand dollars. · ` VVRITS or LUNAGY: For amount required to pay the clerk of the Wiiteeiinneey. supreme court of the District of Columbia fees in lunacy cases, one thousand five hundred dollars. PAYMENT or REEEREE: To pay Frank W. Hackett for services as §;€*g<€Ix’iHe¤keiireferee in sundry cases in Court of Claims, two hundred dollars. B °' REFORM SCHOOL EoR GIRLS: For amount required to complete G§,$f¤m Seheoi for building and inclose the grounds, nine thousand two hundred and " eighty-six dollars and twenty-four cents. WASHINGTON ASYLUM: For contingent ex enses, fiscal year eighteen 1ug¤¤¤i¤gi¤¤ Aer hundred and ninety-nine, two thousand eigllit hundred and fifty—‘rive ` dollars and sixty-five cents. voL xxm;19