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512 FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 786. 1900. m§__"j}’{{{j°°‘“"“°"¥’°‘ Sec. 149. No probate of any nuncupative will shall be granted for fourteen days after the death of the testator, nor shall any nuncupative will be at_any time proved, unless the tcstamentary words, or the substance thereof, be first committed to writing, and a citation issued, accompanied with a copy thereof, to call the widow or next of kin to the deceased that they may contest the will if they think proper. wkgrf tgf ggrlylggji Sec. 150. Any person not an inhabitant of, but ownin property, when not? real or personal, in the district may devise or be ueath sugh property by last will executed according to the laws in force in the district, State, or Territory in which the will may be executed. Wgg§Pi¤¤ Gi *¤¤‘=ig¤ SEG_. 151. If such will be probated in any State, Territory, or other

 district of the United States, or in any foreign country or State,

copies of such will and of the probate thereof, certiiied by the clerk of the court in which such wil was robated, with the seal of the court affixed thereto, if there be a seal? to ether with a certificate of the chief jud e or presiding magistrate, tgat the certificate is in due form, and magic by the clerk or other person having the le al custody of the record, shall be recorded in the same manner as wigs executed and proved in the district, and shall be admitted in evidence in the _ same manner and with like effect. c0§Q;§§§${ ""“· h°“' Sec. 152. Any such will may be contested and annulled within the game time and in the same manner as wills executed and proven in the istrict. m§,’;?‘{,‘§§§e_°’ l°g““’° ‘ Sec. 153. If any person has attested or shall attest the execution of any will to whomiany beneficial devise, legacy, estate, interest, gift, or appointment of or affecting real or personal estate other than or except c arges in lands, tenements, or hereditaments for the payment of any debt or debts shall be thereby given or made, such devise, legacy, estate, gift, or appointment shall, so far only as concerns such person attesting the execution of such will or any rson claiming under him, be void, and such person shall be admitted); a witness to the execu- , _ tion of such will. tollhlgiff, §‘§,‘§,l},Q"§,§“§‘,*E Sec. 154. If any such witnesswould be entitled to any share in the me- testato1·’s estate in case the will should not be established, then so much of the estate as would have descended or would have been distributed to such witness shall be·saved to him as will not exceed the value of the devise or bequest made to him in the will; and he may recover the same from the devisees or legatees named in the will in proportion to _ and out of the parts devised and bequeathed to him. w}f,,;§`;°‘°(‘{;,‘§g“§§ Sec. 155. lf the execution of such will be attested by a sufficient maywké number of other competent witnesses, as required by this code, then _ such devise, legacy, interest, estate, gift, or appointment shall be valid. w§,§§s§_"°‘ '“"*’ "° Sec. 156. If by any will any real estate be charged with any debt, and any creditor whose debt is so charged has attested the execution of such will, every such creditor shall be admitted as a witness to the execution of such will. c0II;fgj{§,§ih°‘* mma Sec. 157. If any person has attested or shall attest the execution of ` any will to whom any legacy or bequest is thereby given, and such person, before giving testimony concerning the execution of such will, shall have released such bequest or legacy and renounced without valuable consideration all beneits under said will, such person shall be admitted as a witness to the execution of such will. - W§§§°‘},§§,;}€,l,€gf°,§§§i Sec. 158. If any legatee or devisee who has attested or shall attest witness- the execution of any will shall have died or die in the lifetime of the testator, or before he shall have received or released the legacy or be uest so given to him, and before he shall have refused to receive sugh legacy or bequest on a tender made thereof, such legatee or devisee shall be deemed a legal witness to the execution of such will. eul;;§gé€$é,§;*:g_ 1**** Sec. 159. No person to whom any estate, gift, or appointment shall " be given or made which is hereby declared to be null and void, or who shall have refused to receive such legacy or bequest on tender made,