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8 FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 14. 1900. sixty dollars peI· annum each; in all, twenty-eight thousand one hun- _ dred and forty-five dollars. 5é;*;§;'uQ;¤,{°' N“Y OFFICE or AUDIToR FOR NAVY DEPARTMENT: For two cleI·ks of class three; three clerks of class two; four clerks of class one; six clerks, at one thousand dollars each; and four clerks, at nine hundred dll h·` llfi th df h d·d dfift dll . E§£,§1;;_*°’ 0* ‘h° 0O;·IESId%ficof* irliifc i¥·E`(;(ISTE(I;1i?If1 '1`H0Eul;.ljRl;][.;SfJ€f{Y?II?O1` tlirez glesrks of _ class one; and three clerks, at one thousand dollars each; in all, one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. ·Tr°*‘s“’°"s °“‘°°· OFFICE or THE TREASURER or THE UNITED STATEs: For the followin from Februar first to June thirtieth nineteen hundred inclusive g y h 9 9 9 namely: Three clerks at the rate of nine hundred dollars per annum each; and three expeit counters,_ at the rate of seven hundred and tlwienty dollars per annum each; In all, two thousand and twenty-five 0 lars. - §§;}g*gg§g;*}g A’°hi· OFFICE or THE SUPERVISING ARoE1TEcT: The amount authorized to be paid from appropriations for public buildings, and equitably charged against suc appropriations during the fispal year nineteen D¤*“¤m°¤»°*°- hundred, for the services of skilled draftsmen, c1v1l engineers, compplfers, accountaniqi as§istan€s to tpetphorpographer, copgists, and such 0 er services as e ecre ary o e reasury may eem necessary and specially order, to be employed in the office_of the Supervising Architect exclusively to carry Into effect the various appropriations for public buildings, is hereby increased from two hundred and ten thousand dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and the Secretary of the Treasury shall In the annual estimates report to Con- _ gress the number of persons so employed and the amount paid to each. i§eigp§iE&¤g?g2;¤&;}; FURNISHING NEW PosT-oEF1oE BUILDING, Wl; AsHINoToN, ·DISTRICT biijiumisniugec. or CoLUMBIA: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to provide the new post-office bu1lding, Washington, District of Columbia, with furniture, Including gas and electric-light fixtures, carpets, awnings, window shades, five thousand five hundred dollars. couiipgenwxpepses- CONTINGENT ExPENsEs: For purchasing material for binding important records two hundred dollars. -—I¤d•2p€¤d¤¤tTf€¤¤· EONTINGENT E)£PENSES, INDEPENDENT TREASURY! For contingent `"QS Sec 3653 p ,1,. gigpenies unper thin; reqrgrgments of sectiqgi thirtgsix hundred and ` "’ty-t ree o the evise tatutes of the nited tates for the collection, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public money, and for transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, fifty thousand dollars. _ To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury on account of the appropriation j‘Contingent expenses,_Independent Tre:§ury," for tple ?cal year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, t tt dt ·dd'hte dll- dt t it.

   Wf§3{.SPZ%Z%.O§”2F EFLJER‘2;'2..§`Z‘gF...‘*if1~...§’.,.”.£‘.i§§...‘§i‘§.i’.€.‘i?‘.?.i.,

` inclu in fractional silver coin by registeredmail or otherwise twenty $1*;;*50* charge °¤ Nr thousangdollars; and in expiending this sum the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to transport from the Treasury or subtreasuries, free of charge, silver coin when requested to do so: _dF;gg*§g· 0, aqua, Pro/vided, That an equal amount in coin O1` currency shall have been amount. deposited in the Treasury or such subtreasuries by the applicant or applicants. And the Secretary of the Treasury shall report to CongI·ess I _ the cost arising under this appropriation. M*¤°*°°*¤· TRANSPORTATION or MINOR ooINs: To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury on account of the appropriation "Transportation of minor coins," for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, two thousand one hundred and seventy-four dollars _» p and twenty-two cents. m§;§"°d S“*“’*S°°"" DIsTINoTIvE PAPEI?. rox UNITED STNTES SECURITIES! For paper, Distinctive paper. including transportation, salaries of reg1ster, two counters five watch-