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14 FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 14. 1900. eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, respectively, and by section two of the deficiency appropriation Act approved July seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, for the six months beginning July first, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, on account of war expenses under the titles "War De artment" and "Military establishment,” and reap- Vo1.30,p. wz. propriated by the ict approved January fifth, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, for the last six months of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, there is hereby reappropriated and made available for expenditure durin the fiscal year nineteen hundred, for objects hereinafter specified unfer the title “Military establishment,” the following sums, namely: Siz¤¤1S¤¤vi¢<=- UNDER rm: cmar s1eNAL ormomn. ex*;·)gg;g§'*°“°“ ‘°’ For expenses of the Signal Service of the Army, as follows: Pur- ` chase, equipment, and repair of field electric telegraphs, signal equipments and stores, binocu ar glasses, telescopes, eliostats, and other necessary instruments, including necessary meteorological instruments for use on target ranges; war balloons; teleplhone apparatus (exclusive of exchange service) and maintenance of the same; electrical installations and maintenance at military posts; maintenance and repair of military telegraph lines and cables, including salaries of civi ian employees, supp ies, and general repairs, and other expenses connected wit the duty o collecting and transmitting information for the Army by telegraph or otherwise, one hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars. Fm MY€*· Ve- For construction of balloon house and administration and instruction building at the Si nal Corps post, at Fort Myer, Virginia, eighteen thousand five hungred dollars. Pay Department. PAY DEPARTMENT. For pay of officers of the line, nine hundred and fifty three thousand nine hundred dollars; For pay to officers for length of service, to be paid with current monthly pay, one hundred and four thousand three hundred dollars; For pay of enlisted men, three million one hundred and ninety-seven thousand one hundred and forty-nine dollars; For additional pa for length of service, three hundred and seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-two dollars; For pay of the general staff, seventy thousand three hundred and ei§hty dollars; or pay of retired enlisted men, forty-six thousand two hundred and thirty-six dollars and sixty-one cents; · For eleven senior veterinary surgeons, sixteen thousand Eve hundred dollars· For eleven junior veterinary surgeons, nine thousand nine hundred dollars· For paymasters’ clerks and messengers, twenty-three thousand dollars; ‘· For expenses of courts-martial, courts of inquiry, and compensation for reporters and witnesses attending the same, ten thousan dollars; For commutation of quarters to officers on duty without troops at stations where there are no quarters, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars; For travel allowance to enlisted men on discharge, four million dollars; · For clothin not' drawn, due enlisted men on discharge, one million five hundred giousand dollars; For mileage to officers traveling without g troops and to contract surgeons, two hundred thousand do lars: