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810 FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. CHS. 478, 607. 1951. court; third, any girl under seventeen years of age who is destitute of a. suitable home and adequate means-of obtaininghan honest living or who is in danger of being brought uip, or is broug t up, to lead an 1dle or vicious life; fourth, any gir un er seventeen years of age who is incorrigible or- habitually disregards the commands of her father or mother- or guardmn, who leads a vagrant life, or resorts to immoral places or practices, or neglects or re uses to perform labor suitable to guggglnegrtigrggggmbog bgr 33ea§iandt§ond1t1o1a or to attepd0splho¢1:g’éf Andstple ;irps1d&ntlof th; mes. ar o rus es may a so commi e orm c oo or nr s suc `rls as are mentioned in the foregoing third and fourth classes upon gpplication or complaint, in writing, of a parent or guardian or relative having charge of such girl, and upon such testimony in regard to the facts stated as shall be sat1sfactory to him; and for taking testimony in such cases he is hereby empowered to administer oaths. Perm 0* <‘°°¤¤**°¤· “Sec. 9. That every girl sent to the Reform School for Girls shall reupzjn iéntil she is twentygone years of age unless sooner discharged or un as an apprentice. s . . BY·¤¤W¤· ew- “Sec. 15. That the board of trustees may make such by·laws, rules, - and regulations for their own government and that of the institution,

 oiicers, employees, and inmates, the employment, discipline, instruction educatwn, removal, and absolute, temporary, or conditional release

of all gurls committed to the school as they may deem necessary and proyigr and as are .not contrary to the Constitution and to the laws of the istrict of Columbia. " Approved, February 25, 1901. Fem·uary2e,1a01. CHAP. 607.-An Act To amend ection twelve hundred and twenty-ive of ··;···—-··· Revised Statutes so as to provide for detail of retired officers of the Army and Navy to assist in military instruction in schools. Retired Army ¤¤d Whereas the national defense must depend upon the volunteer servmw °m°°”‘ ice of the peo le of the several States; and Whereas tllbse schools which shall adopt a system of military instruction· are entitled to the assistance of the Government in order to secure to·the United States such a knowledge of military affairs among the youth of the country as will render them eiiicient as volunteeés 1f callegd ug/1%% the `r33p§l defen-sg: Therefore, f M U ed e it enact t mate cruse 0 esentatdves 0 ,¢ nit m§t$1¢gg,;g¢¤;g1¤=g$u•;j Stgtzs of O0I·2zgrgcsdaags€‘?1;zbi•gdfT%. sectiophtwslvguhupdigd etc., in schools. 8.11 WGH - VB 0 B BVISB I1 S, GODCBPHID B B 0 0 - ,_,§,;§5g'§Y‘1°”·P‘”°· cers of thje Army and Navy to educational instigitions be, and the _ same IS hereby, amended so"as to permit the President to detail under the lprovisions of that Act, and in addition to the_detail of the officers of the Army and Navy now authomaed to be detailed under the BX1Sl3- mg provisions of said Act, such ret1red officers of the Army and Navy of the Un1ted States as in his jpmdgment maly be required for that pur- Spse, to act as instructors initary -dri and tactics in schools in e United States, where such instructionshall have been authorized by the educational authorities thereof, and where the services of such instructors shall have been applied for by said authorities. byPg=x¤‘;g{j¤*¤°“*°°** Sec. glipt notcietail {sha;} be mam und? this wget tiptiny schooé un ess i s a a e cos o commu ion o ua rs o e retire officers detailell thereto and the extra-dutyrfpaly to which the latter may be entitled by law to receive for the pe ormance of special duty: _bPr¤g§?tkd Sum Provided, That no detail shall be made under the provisions of *this Y Act unless the oijicers to be detailed are willing to accept such position without compensation from the Government other than their retired pay. ·