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FIFTY·SIXTH conearzss. sm. I1. on. sos. 1901. 903 ment or ori inal muster into the service: Provided urther, That any ?"°°“°°"¤¢ °°"*°° officer or en§sted man in the service of the United States who was dis- mmuppmw charged in the Philippine Islands and there reentered the service throp h commission or enlistment shall, when dischar ed, except by way 0% punishment for an offense, receive for travel agowances from the place of his discharge to the place in the United States of his last preceding appointment or enlistment, or to his home if he was appointed or enlisted at a lace other than his home, four cents per m e: Pro- . vided fu7·ihe7·, That for sea travel on discharge actual expenses only -m tmei. shall be aid to officers and transportation and subsistence only shal be furnished to enlisted men. For contract surgeons, eight hundred and sixty-four thousand dol- comm surgeons. lars. For additional twenty per centum increase on pay of enlisted men, rwenwpa- mz intwo million five hundred thousand dollars. °'°°°°' °° rm "’°“‘ For additional ten per centum increase on pay of officers serving at rofficeratoreignsewforeign stations, five uudred thousand dollars: Provided, That here- ’°°ii,.,,,;,,,,,,_ after the pay pro r of all officers and enlisted men serving beyond Se§';fg§*`§;£’ *°'°*¤° the limits of the Siztes comprising the Union, and the Territories of the United States contiguous thereto, shall be increased ten per centum for officers and twenty per centum for enlisted men over and above the rates of pay prolper as fixed by law for time of (peace, and the time ··lill1160fB€1’VJlCG00!l!• of such SGYVIOB s al be counted from the date of eparture from said p‘¥§g;,,,,,f,,,. (,1,,,,,,,, States to the date of return thereto: Provided further, That the oiii- ¤°W*°°· cers and enlisted men who have served in China at any time since the twenty-sixth day of May, nineteen hundred, shall be a lowed and paid for such seiwice the same increase of pay proper as is herein provided for: Providedfuriber, That enlisted men receiving or entitled to the —¤<> ¤x¤¤·d¤¢r ram twenty per centum increased pay herein authorized s all not be entitled to or receive any additional increased compensation for what is known as extra or special duty. For the continuance of the Army War College, having for its object my wu cousge. the direction and coordination of the instruction in the various service schools, extension of the op ortunities for investigation and study in the Army and militia of the [United States, and the collection and dissemination of military information, ten thousand dollars. All the money hereinbefore aéppropriated, except the appropriation Awouunng. for milea e of officers when au orized by law shall be dis ursed and accounted for b the Pay Department as pay of the Army, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund. SUBSISTENCE DEPARTMENT. mgppsistence Depart- Svssrstrmrcn or trim ARMY: Purchase of subsistence supplies: For Supplies. issue. as rations to troops, civil employees when entitled thereto, hos- P'"°h“°°‘ pital matrons and nurses, general prisoners of war (including Indianseld by the Army as prisoners, but for whose subsistence appropriation is not otherwise made); military convicts at posts; for sales to oliicers and enlisted men of the Army; for authorized issues of candles; of toilet articles, barbers’, laundry, and tailors’ materials, for use of general prisoners confined at military posts without pay or allowances, and recruits at recruiting stations; of matches for liighting public tires and lights at posts and stations and in the field; of our used for paste in target practice; of salt and vinegar for public animals; of issues to Indians employed with the Arm , without pay, as guides and scouts, and for toilet paper for use by enlisted men at posts, camps, rendezvous, and offices, w ere water-closets are provided with sewer connections. For payments: For meals for recruitinfg parties and recruits; for hot Psymentscotfee, canned meats, and baked beans or troolps traveling, when it is impracticable to cook their rations; for sca es, weights, measures, utensils, tools, stationery, blank books and forms, printing, advertis-