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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I1. C11. 804. 1901. 921 For steel ceiling for gymnasium, seven hundred dollars; R°P“*”·°°”“°“°d· For furniture, curtains, and rugs, for cadet reception room, one . hundred and fifty dollars; · For two-story brick addition (about twenty-eight by seventy-five feet) to north end of cadet laundry, finished to correspond to main building, to be_ immediately available, four thousand two hundred dollar..a‘ For adding second story of brick to one-story addition, fifteen by twenty-eight feet (boiler room), on south end of main building, to be immediately available, one thousand dollars; For one two-story brick addition, fifteen bv thirty feet, to west side of cadet laundry, to be immediately available, one thousand six hundred dollars; For enlarging cadet mess hall, kitchen, ·and servants’ quarters, to belfmmediately available, sixty-nine thousand four hundred and fifty dollars;. For wiring for electric lights for mess hall, kitchens, pantries, bakery, cold-storage rooms, dbrmitories, and for chandeliers, brackets, switches, and machinery, to be immediately available, two thousarfrd five hundred diollars; h d k . las or repairing an varnis in woo wor , repairin terin , aintiingl walls and ceilings in caciat guardhouse, one iidbdred aidpfifty 0 ars; FOI` granolithic pavement in rear of cadet barracks, and for laying a cement gutter along same, in all six thousand eight hundred square feet, two thousand dollars; Repairs to cadet barracks: For repairing and renewing plastering, painting and calcimining, repairs to woodwork , reilooring, rearrangin rooms, increasing sinks, Saws, and for other incidental repairs to the building, ten thousand o ars; ‘ For water main and sewerage for quarters recently built and to be built during the coming year, five thousand dollars; . For maintaining and improving the grounds of the post cemetery, three thousand do lars; For converting coal shed into storehouse for lime, cement, stoves, and so forth, one thousand and sixty dollars; For removing and replacing the asphalt and galvanized-iron roofs and gutters of the Academy building by copper or other durable material, eleven thousand dollars; For repairing and renewin dama ed plastered walls, ceilings, and pioiilnices of the Academy building, 516 to leaks in roof, one thousand o ars; For rebuilding north dock, four thousand two hundred dollars; For filling the ditches and leveling the parapets of the modern por- 30;; of Fort Clinton, to be immediately available, five thousand o ars: ‘ For two double sets of oi£cers’ quarters, to be of brick, with plumbin§_and heat, complete, forty thousand dollars: _ or continuing the construction and repair of the roads between the site of the old south guardliouse and the southern boundary line of reservation, and for continuing the laying of a stone walk along same, one thousand dollars; For repairing roads and aths, including roads and bridges on reservation, one thousand dollars; To repair the sidewalks of the post, one thousand dollars; · For continuing the construction of breast-high wall in dangerous places, five hundred dollars: ` d Eor broken stone and gravel for roads, one thousand five hundred o ars;