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952 F IFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. ll. CHS. 978-980. 1903. administration, divide the residue of the money and other property among the stockholders thereof. w*};‘;,‘{,’{f,,s§,°j(§°m°“‘ "SEo. 23. That the resident, secretary, and treasurer of any cor- ` poration organized undbr the provisions of this Ehaptef slhall annually, under their signatures and oaths make out an pub is week y for three successive weeks, in a newspaper of general circulation in, the district of Alaska, a joint statement showing: First, the number of shares of capital stock outstanding; second, the amount pa1d in on each share of stock; third, the actual paid-up capitpl of the corporation; fourth, the actual cash value of the property o the cor oration and the character, location, and nature of the same; fifth, th)e debts and liabilities of the corporation, anddfor what thedsaing wlpre incurred and whether the same are secure or unsecure an the amount 0 each kind, and, if secured, the character and kind of security; sixth, the salaries severally paid each and every officer manager and superintendent of the co oration durin the recedini ear; and, seventh, YP g P g Y . . . the increase or decrease if any of the stock, the capital, and the l1ab1l1- ties of the corporation during the preceding year." Approved, March 2, 1903. Mmb 2-1903 CHAP. 979._——A11 Act Providing for the conveyance of Widows Island, Maine, to [pub];c_ N0_ 13G_] the State of Mamé. Be it enacted by the Senate and House af Regresentattves 0 f the United gf,,°§’§,f,“{‘g,’},‘}k,”,f§; States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the · Navy be, and he is hereby, authorized and` instructed to convey, for and in behalf of the United States, to the State of Maine, when said State shall decide to accept the same, to be used for public purposes, _ Widows Island, situated in Fox Island thoroughfare, on the coast of P"""*’°°· Maine, with all of the buildings and improvements thereon: Pm/vided, ,,,,f§‘,}f"¥’“"“ °‘ ¥’°" That whenever, in th?} judgment of the President of the United States the buildin an rounds herein ceded to the State of Maine are needed by the glavy Us artment, the United States may resume prf:?;;;; *°* f¤*· possession of the same: And),m·0z·idedfurthm·, That should the United `tates resume ssession of said buildin and rounds the value of an improvemen ma e y e r . 0 i ame s a e re un e 0 e ° tspodb th State f'\’Ig lgllb f ddt thy State of Maine, and thati the Secretary of the Navy shall ascertain _ and fix the value of said im rovements if any there be: Prmnfded ,,,§,§‘f,E‘§§’,{‘“,_“ “°‘ _/‘in·t/ter, That if the State of Elaine shall, at any time cease or fail to use the aforesaid ro ert for public ur oses it shall immediatel _P Y R P P Y revert to the United States, and in that case no compensation shall be made by the Lmted States for any improvements or betterments. Approved, March 2, 1903. March 2,1906. CHAP. 980.jAn Act To establish a standard of value and to provide for a coinage `TE,{,]{é'§g;§§,jT system in the Philippine Islands. Be it enacted by the iSemte and Phase ofRe resentatzives 0 the United . . . P §g§g¥*§§,Q1';‘Qg¥§é States of America m Cbngmss assembled, That the unit of value in the me gsm pam. Philippinelslands shall the gold peso consisting of twelve and ninetenths grams pif gold, nine-tenths tmcé said gold peso to become the unit of value w en the government of the Philippine Islands shall have coined and ready for, or in, circulation not less than live million of the silver pesos hereinafter provided for in this Act, and the gold coins of the United States at the rate of one dollar for two esos hereinafter authorized to be coined shall be le al tender for all debts public and _ _ _ g 7 P private, in the Philippine Islands.