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F IFTY—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. ll. Ch. 1006. 1903. 1037 bond as postmaster at Brattleboro, North Carolina, and erroneously covered into the General Treasury, two hundred and forty-four dollars and thirty-six cents. DISTINUIIVE PAPER For: UNITED STATES snoururrnsz To supply a m§j’;§‘g‘;,“"° l’“P°’· deficiency in the appropriation for distinctive aper for United States ` securities, one hundre and three thousand five hundred and thirty- two dollars. ` SEALING AND SEPARATING UNITED STATES suomzrrrns: For materials ¤§§°””8· °*°··S*°¤¤· required to seal and separate United States notes and certificates, such" as composition rollers, ink, printer’s varnish, sperm oil, white rintiug paper, manila paper, thru muslin, benzine, gutta- eroha belting, and other necessary articles and expenses, five hundred) dollars. PAYMENT T0 PROPELLER TOWBOAT ComPANY: To enable the Secre— Propeller 'rowboer tary of the Treasury to carry out the provisions of the "Act for the c°riii§·°iiii»l{¤ w. relref of the Propeller Towboat Company, of Savannah," approved P°“· P- *613- February eighteenth, nineteen hundred and three, two thousand nine hundred andatwenty-nine dollars and fort -live cents. · Rnuursousnmrmr or Frnsr NATroNAL EANK or NAvAsoTA, TnxAs: rrsrumemrnsuk. Tofay to the First National Bank of Navasota, Texas, to reimburse N”{Q%f,“,;,§`§,f,é,,,_ sai bank for the loss of five hundred dollars in mutilated currency by fire at Charlottesville, Virginia, while said money was en route by mail, properly re `stered, to the Secretary of the Treasury for redemption, five hundre§ldollars. . ·LIPu-sAvINo smrvrcm.Lifesevinsservice. Authorit is hereby ranted the Secretary of the Treasury to Superlnwndems. from the ulirexpended Salances of the appropriations "Life-Saviilg pal;-iY1c °$'}i§ Service," nineteen hundred and two and nineteen hundred and three, """· P- *8*- an amount sufficient to meet the increase in the salaries of the district superintendents of the Life-Saving Service, as provided under the Act _ of Congress approved June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two. Punmo BUILDINGS. "“*’“° ”““*“¤8$· For immediate re irs to the wharf at Wilmin ton, North Carolina, “'“¤=*¤¤°<>¤,· N· C- recently purchased Bi the United States, there grray be used not ex- lg-[ibm` ceeding two thousand dollars out of the unexpended balance remaining of the appropriation made for " purchase of property for customs purposes at ilmington, North Carolina." * For rental of tem rary uarters for the accommodation of certain mf‘,fg’·e'Q`j*· Government officialso at lilaco, Texas, and for moving and other` expenses incidental thereto pendin the extension of the post-ollice and court-house, one thousand live gundred dollars. For rental of temporary quarters for the accommodation of certain §;’f§f‘gl{{‘°»N·°· Government officials at Greensboro, North Carolina, and for moving and other cx uses incidental thereto ending the extension of the post-office audxdourbhouse, one thousand) dollars. _ _ For completing the building for the laboratory for the Marine- h§{,§_f,{,'},$_’“°‘¥"‘°‘ Hospital Service, one thousand dollars. ·_ For the ex uses of the investigation required by the "Act for the %§ff$§%'{f·°· relief of William M. Bird, James F. Redding, Henry F. Welch, and others," approved February twelfth, nineteen hundred and three, one thousand hre hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For the following sums, under the Act entitled "An Act to increase m§g;>eg¤i%i¤g¤:hg; the limit of cost of certain public buildings, to authorize the purchase bm. of sites for public buildings, to authorize the erection and completion Pm " 1205 of public buildings. and for other purposes," approved March third, nineteen hundred and three, namely: Rome, Georgia, post-office: For continuation of building under pres- R°“‘°·G“~ ent limit, forty thousand dollars.