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F lF.l`Y-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. ll. Ch. 1006. 1903. 1039 Hagerstown, Maryland, postoiliee: For site, ten thousand dollars. H¤8°¤*¤W¤· Md- East Liverpool, Ohio, post-oflice: For site, thirty thousand dollars. 0,§g°‘ L“’°*P°°l Florence, Alabama, post·ofiice: For site, seven thousand five hun- Florenee,A1a. dred dollars. York, Nebraska, post-0H0e: For site, ten thousand dollars. vm, Nm. Ann Arbor, Michigan, post-office: For site, twelve thousand dollars. Ami Arm, wen. d Carbondale, Pennsylvania, post-office: For site, twelve thousand C.,-b.,,,d,,;.,_ p,,_ o ars. Grand Island, Nebraska, post-ofiice: For site, ten thousand dollars. emu n1¤¤¤,z·:m. _ d Woonsocket, Rhode Island, post-office: For site, fifteen thousand W¤¤¤¤3ckot R-!. 0 rs. Bluefields, West Virginia, post-office and court·house: For site, ten 3],,,,,,,,, W V, thousand dollars.` ` Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, post·ofiice: For site, ten thousand cmppew. mms, dollars. ‘"’~ ‘ Portland, Maine, court-house: For site, sixt thousand dollars. 1>¤m¤¤a,us. Bedford, Indiana, post-ofiice: For site, six gousand dollars. nea:0¤1,n¤1. Marinette, Wisconsin, post—ofIice: For site, ten thousand dollars. mn-1¤em.wn. GlllllBSVlllG, p0St—0flic0: For site, five thousand dollars, Gai¤esvi1le,Ga. Valdosta, Georgia, po@fiice: For site, eight thousand dollars. V¤l<l¤¤¤¤·<>¤· Webster City, owa, post-office: For site, eight thousand dollars. W¤l·¤¤¤0i¢r· I¤w·¤ Butler, Pennsylvania, post-ofiice: For site, twenty thousand dollars. B¤“¤*·*’¤— Corning, New York, post-oilioe: For site, fifteen thousand dollars. °<>1’¤i¤8· N- Y- Westminster, Maryland, post·ofiice: For site, four thousand dollars. W¤¤¤¤i¤¤¤¤r. Md- Meadville, Pennsylvania, ppstofiice: For site, eight thousand dollars. Mudvme. P•- Mason City, Iowa, post-o 'ce: For site, eight thousand dollars. Mum cur. Iowa. Marion, Indiana, post—oi·lice: For site, twenty-five thousand dollars. mm¤¤,1na. Pine Bluff, Arkansas, post—office: For site, seven thousand dollars. 1>m1n¤a,an. Houston, Texas, post-office, court-house, and custom-house: For m¤¤m,r¤. site, one hundred an twenty-five thousand dollars. Baker City, Oregon, post—oi·Iice: For site, Eve thousand dollars. B“k°' °"‘Y· °’°*· Bessemer, Alabama, post-office: For site, twelve thousand dollars. B““°"‘°'· ‘“"* Ocala, Florida post~ofHoe: For site, four thousand dollars. °°“‘· F1“· Burlington, Vermont, post·office and custom-house: Temporary B“’““*"°“· V‘* quarters, moving, and all incident expenses, ten thousand dollars. Richmond, Virginia, custom-house and post-oflicez Additional for m'”““°“°·v“‘ site, twenty-seven thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. Bureau Bngravin and Printing, Washington, District of Columbia: p,-i°,‘{F,,Q‘B’u§,’Q€_ ““° For additional lam? and commencement of buildings, one hundred thousand dollars. Atlanta, Georgia post-ofiioe and court-house: Additional for site, ·*°‘°”*°·°°· thirt thousand ollars. Toledo, Ohio, post-ofiice: Additional for site, one hundred and '*`°‘°"°·°*"°· eighteen thousand dollars. Tor munici l building for the joint use of the United States and D,§*,‘,,‘{gl°Qf“(}0tf§*,},‘§L‘,$· the District otmColumbia, at Washington, District of Columbia: For continuation of building under present limit, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, one-half of which sum shall be fpaid from the reve- gm Dimm nues of the District of Columbia and the other hal from the Treas1u•y of the United States. Jacksonville, Florida, post-office and custom-house: For commence- ’“°k‘°“'m°· F1" ment of building, fifty thousand dollars. C For the acquisition of square numbered one hundred and forty- {,°’,,‘]§l{,*}‘§§};,,]3,;,,g,, three in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, as a SIR-! fort e Hall of Records, four hundred thousand dollars, or so much thereof as mav be necessar . To enable the Segretary of the Treasury to have preliminary plans ’1‘°‘ prepared for a Hall of Records, Eve thousand dollars; sand plans shall not be upon a basis of construction of a budding involvrnzgla total P°*’·P-mz cost exceeding two million dollars, and no plan shal be adop unless authorized by legislation hereafter to be enacted, and said plan or any