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FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 1006. 1903. 1055 pent; Expepses, special lanld inspgéztors, Department of the Interior," ' or e iisca year nineteen un r and two one hundred and eight - seven dollars and twenty cents. , g y Rnmras or nornnmes, Iurnmoa Dnnnrunnrs For repairs of m§g1¤**‘¤ 0* build- Interior De rtment and Pension buildin , and of the old Post-Oilice ` De eghuildigfo thusaddllgs partm n n ur 0 n 0 rs. on arm: Carrrori For work at Capitol and for general repairs ,,¤¤¤**¤,*· em thereof], inlclpddingl wyptgesl of'; mechanics and, laborers, eight thousand seven un r an y 0 rs. thFp}r‘recdnstructi1<;n ofdcappenter and tooldshoopsd on tllile south aside of “’*°P°· °*°- e pito groun an or ap ratus an w wor 'n mac 'nery for laboratory and shops, four thdusand eight hundred dodlars. Lrorrrmo rms Cnrrrox. AND oaommsz To pay the Washington Gas- ¤¢¤¤¤¢· light Company for Jgas service during the mon s of February, March, April, May, and une, nineteen hundred and two, for lig ting the Capitollapd grounds, one thousand one hundred and seventymine dolan orty cena. covmxuumvr HOSPITAL ma rmi msnm.pigimmgiis, H"- For current e nses of the Government Hos ital for the Insane: ¤¤l>¤¤¤¤ For support, cldishing, and treatment in the Goveiinment Hos ital for the Insane of the insane of the Army and Navy, Marine Corps, lgvenue- Cutter Service, inmates of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer IS_Iold£§s§personsh charged with ar convictedhofhgrimes against the ni tates w o are insane, a persons w o ve become insane since their entry into the military or naval service of the United States, who haye been aidxplpted to the hospital and who are indigent, thirty- seven thousand o rs. ‘ For eneral re irs and im rovements, six thousand five hundred B°P•*”·°*°· do larsg PB P ' l . For hospital extension, administration building; to replace two and H°'P*°**‘ °”°”*°°· one·fourth inch sashes gud transomshinsteald of one and three-fourths inch, plate lass instea o double-t ick s eet glass· stone quoins on all angles ogbuilding; stone frieze and entablature’on north, south, and rear elevations of building, indirect steam radiation, as specihed in original specifications; and tile for rooing and copper for a l exteiiorgvogkdirpitead of slate and galvanized iron, fourteen thousand five un re dollars. c0LUMBxA INSTITUTION FOR rum DEAF AND DUMB. Dggprggtgsglpd For supfport oisthed iinstitution, including salgxiies and incidental E¤P°¤*·· ex nses, or boo · anlustrative ap ratus an or general repairs andllmprovements, one thousand five gndred dollars. rtmmc LAND smzvxcz. P¤¤1i¤1¤¤¤¤- Sanaurns AND commissions or REGISTERS AND ancrzrvrznsz For ce§*;°g§"" ‘“"’ ’°‘ salaries and commissions of registers of land offices and receivers of S•¤¤ri¤.¤¤> puplic moneys at elistrgctémdiofficiep, at ngtdenmeeding three thousand o ars per annum eac , y- ve thousand o rs. _ _ To pay amouplts found due by the éiaepountingdofficers of the Tgeasury cou t of the appropriations “ aries an commissions o registerghnd iieceivers”Iilir Sie fiscal year nineteen hundred and two, one thousand four hundred and twenty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents. T0 y the salary due A. E. Rose, as receiver of the land officeat A-E-R¤•¤- Saint glichaels, Alaska, from May thirty-fIrst to July seventh, nineteen l' hundred and two, one hundred and fifty-two dollars and forty-five cents. Coxrmenxr nxrmwsrzs or msn ormcnsz For clerk hire, rent, and pc<;;g;'¢l;g_g$)·£m¤· other incidental expenses of the district land offices, seventy-five thou-