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FIFIY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 1009. 1903. 1169 Ten superintendents of stations, superintendents of delivery, and ·'*'”·5°°°¤°l¤· superintendents of mails, at two thousand five hundred dollars each, twenty-five thousand dollars; Thirty superintendents of delivregy, superintendents of mails, and A’”~°°° °°°"- cashiers, at two thousand six hund dollars each, seventy-eight thousand dollars; Twenty superintendents of delivery and sngperintendents of mails, at M ¤2»'¤¤> ¤¤¤h· two thousan seven hundred dollars each, ii —four thousand dollars; One auditor, New York, three thousand dolhirs; Audimm. One auditor, Chicago, three thousand dollars; One superintendent of monzy-order division, one superintendent of S“P°'*°*°°d°¤”· registry, one superintendent o mails, and one superintendent of delivery, at three thousand two hundred dollars each; one superintendent of money—order division, one superintendent of registry, one superintendent of mails, and one superintendent of delive , at three thousand dollars each, twenty-four thousand eight hundredldollars; For compensation to substitutes for clerks of first and second class S¤*·¤“*¤*¤- post- offices on vacation, two hundred thousand dollars; For temporary clerk hire two hundred thousand dollars; '1‘¤¤¤¤¤>¤rr <=1¤r1¤- For separating mails at third and fourth class post-oilioes, one mil- Sermuncmnilslion three hundred thousand dollars; In all, for clerk hire in post-oflices, nineteen million e` ht hundred T°*·* Mk meand thirteen thousand nine hundred dollars: That the g;*;¤m_ cmu Postmaster—General may, in the disbursement of this appropriation, during busylmun. allow postmasters at first-class offices to employ temporary clerks at me gate of twenty-five cents an hour during the rush or busy hours of t e a . For {ent, light and fuel for first, second, and third class post-oflices, ,u{§°¤*· **8***- •¤* two million five hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That mum. there shall not be allowed for the use of any third-class t-office for ,,¤{§,fi°’ °M'°`°1“' rent a sum in excess of four hundred dollars, nor more thai); sixty dollars for fuel and light in any one year: And provided bfurther, That L°°“°°’°' “’” ’°°’* the Postmaster;General may, in the disbursement of t is appropriation, apply tzpart thereof to the purpose of leasing premises for the use of pos ces of the iirst, secon , and third c sses, at a reasonable annual rental, to be paid quarterly, for a term not exceeding ten ears. · y For necessary miscellaneous and incidental items directly connected M*°°°“•°°°“°· with first and second class post-offices, including furniture, cleaning, and all other matters not specifically provided for in other a ropriations, two hundred and ty thousand dollars: Prm.•z7ded, That the gsgmtm wmv Postmaster-General, in his iscretion, under such regulations as he out wpiiem sown:. shall prescribe, may authorize any of the postmasters of said offices to ° expend the funds he may allow them for such purposes without the » written consent of the Postmaster-General. For advertising and purchase of newspapers containing official M*‘°¤’¤¤*¤8· smadvertisements contracted for under this approlpriation at first and second class twenty-five thousan dollars. For rental or purchase of cancelin machines, two hundred and fifty chQ:;¤¤¤i¤z ¤¤¤— thousand dollars, of which not more Sian one hundred and ninet thou- ` sand dollars shall be e nded in rentals of machines: That M-mnm, no canceling (machine $1 be rented it gn annual repotallexceefldlipg the ` rate now i b the De rtment: nrt er, t the Be ¤°¤¤d*§¤'>“· Postmastei·)?Gene`i·al shal1,%lhenever in his hpinion it is advisable, pur- uy orgumhnm m` chase canceling machines, and shall report fu ly to the next Congress in regard to said machines, whether they should be purchased or rented, all facts connected therewith, and what steps ought to be taken to pro- ` tec;] the uiyntlerrgsgs of the Governmen; tlheikein. t f I t nh M ·0z·' e t five r centum o the oregoing appropria ions or X “ ° *‘“¥°“ ° the salary sind allowad:-ia division of the First Assistant Postmaster- 2 peudmm vox. xxxu. yr 1——74