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1],78 FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 1010. 1903. - EMERGENCY FUND, NAVY DEPARTMENT. Em°*¥°¤°Y mud- To meet unforeseen contingencies for the maintenance of the Navy constantly arising, to be expended at the discretion of the President, twenty-five thousand dollars. t,£1Q*¤¤¤ 0* N•"*¤**· BUREAU or NAVIGATION. '*`*¤¤¤P°*’*¤¤°¤· *°· TRANSPORTATION, RECRUITING AND OONTINGENT1 Trans rtation: gg}?"' md comm- For the transportation of enlisted men and apprentices at hdme and abroad; trans rtation and subsistence en route to their homes_, if residents of the Illlfited States, of enlisted men and apprentices discharged on medical survey; transportation and subsistence en route to the places of enlistment, if residents of the United States, of enlisted men and apprentices discharged on account of expiration of enlistment; apprehension and delivery of deserters and stragglers, and for railway guides and other ex nses incident to transportation, two hundred and twenty-one thousandffour hundred and twenty-nine dollars. Recruiting: Expenses of recruiting for the naval service; rent of rendezvous and e nses of maintaimn the same; advertising for and obtaining men arlllw apprentices, and ah other expenses attending the recruiting for the naval service, eighty-eight thousand five hundred 'and seventy-one dollars. , Contingent: Freight, telegraphing on public business, postage on letters sent abroad, ferriage, ice continuous-service certificates, discharges, good-conduct badges and medals for men and boys, books for training apprentices and landsmen, maintenance of gunnery and other training c s, packing boxes and materials, and other contingent expenses and emergencies arising under cognizance of the Bureau of Navigation unforeseen and impossible to classify, twenty-seven thou- ` sand six hundred and seventy-nine doliars. G“¤¤°*’Y °*°’°*¤°°- GUNNERY nxnncrsms: Prizes for excellence in gunnery exercises and target practice; diagrams and reports of target practice; for the establishment and maintenance of targets and ranges; for hiring established ranges, and for transportation to and from ranges, one undred and twenty thousand dollars. ggggmm Ourrrrs ON FIRST ENLISTMENTZ Outfits for all enlisted men and ` apprentices of the Navy on first enlistment, ten thousand men and gpprentices, at forty-five dollars each, four hundred and fifty thousand · o ars. “M¤i¤¢¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤f ml- MAINTENANCE or commas: Pay, transportation, shippin , and sub- °”‘ sistence of civilian officers and crews of naval colliers, and ah expenses ‘ connected with naval colliers employed in emergencies which can not be paid from other appropriations, two hundred and twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollizrs. m§;v•l ¢¤i¤i¤v ¤¤· NAVAL TRAINING STATION, CALIFORNIA! Maintenance of navalariplrenreimnuensiuma, tice trainin station, Yerba Buena Island, California, namely: bor °"l‘ and materidl; buildings andwharves; generalcaierepairs,andimprovements of rounds, buildings, and wharves; wharfage. ferriage, and street—car Eire; purchase and maintenance of live stock, and attendance on same; wagons, carts, implements, and tools, and repairs to same; fire en `nes and extinguishers; boats and gymnastic implements; models and other articles needed in instruction of apprentices; printin outfit and materials, and maintenance of same; heating, lighting, ams furniture; stationery, books, and periodicals; fresh water, ice, and washing; freight and expressage; packing boxes and materials; postage and telegmlphing; telephones an all other contingent expenses, forty thousand o ars. ,8§gf**,{f*'{ H°’”°'*°· NAVAL TRAINING sTA·noN, Rnom: ISLAND: Maintenance of naval apprentice training station, Coasters Harbor Island, Rhode Island,