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120 F IFTY SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 586, 588, 592, 594. 1902. either dparty may bring proper proceedings in the circuit court of the Unite States at Mobile, in the State 0 Alabama, to ascertain and determine the amount of the liability of the United States: And proau*;j{)‘;¥$0x<;fP:_$;¤Pll· further, Tlgat should the United States repossess itself of said ` an on account o failure of the railroad compan to comply with the terms and provisions of this Act, then the United, States shall not be required to compensate the railroad company for said structures. Approved, April 23, 1902. AP"] 2* lm- CHAP. 588.-An Act To authorize the Quincy Railroad Bridge Company, its suc- [Public, No. 81.] cemors and assigns, to rebuild the draw span of its bridge across the Mississippi River at Quincy. Illinois. . _ _ _ _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rpesentatioes of the United g,§j;'Pg’a§;Q°(jkd States of America in Congress assembled, That in order to provide a Bngdggvogpuny may proper and separate passageway for vehicles and foot passengers across {,$i.§§e_qui,{§§l'}¤_° the draw span of its bridge across the Mississippi River at Quincy, V°'· *‘· P·’“· Illinois, built under authority of an Act of Con ress approved J u y Approval of plans. , . . %] . . twentydifth, eighteen hundred and siixty-six, the Quincy Railroad Bridge Company, its successors and assigns, be, and they are hereby, authorized to rebuild the draw span of said bridge with such clear width of openings on each side of the central or pivot pier as may be approved by the Chief of Engineers and the Secretary of .War. Approved, April 24, 1902. · AP'" 26- lm CHAP. 592.--5- Act To furtheramend section twenty-three hundred and ninety- [yubnc, N0_ gg_] nine of the Revisedlbtatutes of the United States. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rr?resentati*ves of the United Ebél? ;§',}fl’é3i_,,_ p_ States of America in Oonfqress assembled, That section twenty-three “Q,‘;¤%:,¤•*:déw_ V0, hundre and ninety-nine o the Revised Statutes of the United States, 2s, p. had’as amended by Act of Congress of October iirst, eighteen hundred and ninety (Statutes at Large, volume twenty-six, page six hundred and fifty), and Act of Congress of August fifteenth. eighteen hundred and ninety-four (Statutes at Large, volume twenty-eight, page two hundred and eighty-tive), be further amended so as to read as follows, namely: _ _

,,¥'},'{,ll$l,;,‘{l,,,f,}l'f,‘f,§f "Sec. 2399. The printed manual of surveying instructions for the
*g·§ntvr:;;_°* survey of the public lands of the United `tates and {private land

` claims, prepared at the Geneml Land Office, and bearing ate lanuary hrst. nineteen hundred and two, the instructions of the Commissioner of the General Land Officc, and the special instructions of the surveyor-general, when not in conflict wit said printed manual or the instructions of said Commissioner, shall he taken and deemed to be a part of every contract for surveying the public lands of the United `tates and private land claims." Approved, April 26, 1902. Aprilas. 1902. GKAP, 594,-An Act Making appropriations for the legislative, executive, and °T}.`,j,j.i'§,3_']‘ judicial expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and three, and for other purposes. · _ _ 1 _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and [bn/se of Re[)7'€Séllb(lll·l'e·€‘ of the United ¤##'El;,§]°§l,°§,(.f§,’{°§;Z States ofAme*rz°ca in Congrem assembled. That the following sums be, P~¤*~*¤PP’**¥>**=*¤°¤S~ and the same are hereby. appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, in full compensation for the