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160 FIISTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 594. 1902. and any of those now employed in the Pension Office or as special examiners may be reappointed if they be found to be qualified. Patent 0¤ice· PATENT Onion: For the Commissioner of Patents, five thousand dollars; Assistant Commissioner, who shall perform such duties pertaining to the olhce of Commissioner as may be assigned to him by the Commissioner, three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand five hundred dollars; two law clerks, at two thousand five hundred dollars each; three examiners in chief, at three thousand dollars each; examiner of interferences, two thousand five hundred dollars; thirty-nine principal examiners, at two thousand five hundred dollars each; forty- two first assistant examiners, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; fifty second assistant examiners, at one thousand six hundred dollars each; sixty-one third assistant examiners, at one thousand four hundred dollars each; seventy fourth assistant examiners, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; iinancial clerk, who shall give bonds in such amount as the Secretary of the Interior may determine, two thousand dollars; librarian, two thousand dollars; three chiefs of division, at two thousand dollars each; three assistant chiefs of division, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; seven clerks of class four, one of whom shall act as application clerk; machinist, one thousand six hundred dollars; seven clerks of class three, one of whom shall be translabor of Ia uages; fourteen clerks of class two; fifty-seven clerks of class oneiskilled laborer, one thousand two hundred dollars; three skilled draftsmen, at one th,.1sand two hundred dollars each; four draftsmen, at one thousand dollars each; twenty-seven permanent clerks, at one thousand dollars each; messenger and ropert clerk, one thousand dollars; five model attendants, at one thousandy dollars each; ten model attendants, at eight hundred dollars each; one hundred and six copyists, seven of whom may be co yists of drawings; thirty- one copyists, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; three messeners; twenty-six assistant messengers; fifty-one laborers, at six hundred dollars each; fifty laborers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; thirty-nine messenger boys, at three hundred and sixty dollars gacp; in all, eight hundred and thirty-five thousand seven hundred ol ars. B<><·¤· For purchase of professional and scientific books and expenses of transporting publications of patents issued by the Patent Office to forei n governments, two thousand dollars. S°*°¤°“‘° Uhm'? gFor equipment of new Scientitic Library rooms with steel stacks and other fireproof and laborsaving furniture and apparatus, two thousand five undred dollars. LW *>°<>k¤· For purchase of law books, five hundred dollars. Omcinivnzene. For producing the Official Gazette, including weekly, monthly, quarter y, and annual indexes therefor, exclusive of expired patents, one hundred thousand dollars. 9tg¤r·*·*¤ ¤f dmwmssy For producing copies of drawings of the weekly issues of patents; ` for producing copies of designs, trademarks, and pending applications; and for the reproduction of exhausted copies of drawings and specications; said work referred to in this and the preceding para-

  • ’°*·*‘·‘*»P·62°· graph to be done as provided by the "Act providing for the public

rinting and binding and for the distribution of public documents:" {,"F$f*"·M Gov€m_ gbrmalled, That the entire work may be done at the Government ment rnming omg. Printing Office if, in the jud ment of the Joint Committee on Printing, or if there shall be no doint Committee, in the judgment of the Committee on Printing of either House, it shall be deemed to be for the best interests of the Government, sixty-four thousand dollars. _ invesngmngme of For investigating the question of the public use or sale of inven- ‘°"€°¤°°S‘°t°‘ tions for two years or more prior to filing applications for patents, and for expenses attending defense of suits instituted against the Commissioner of Patents, two hundred and fifty dollars.