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FIFTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. -C11. 887. 1902. 213 deceased, of Wake County, three thousand five hundred and ninety-six mfH§“‘},£’;ff§; dOll8I‘S. acts-Continued. To Isaac W. Lewis, of Craven County, seven hundred and forty dollars. To Hugh Murdock, of Carteret County, two hundred and seventy- four dollars. To Benjamin F. Parrott, of Lenoir County, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Kenneth R. Pendleton, of Perquimans County, one hundred and seventeen dollars. To Arrington Purity, administrator of Thomas Purify, deceased, of Craven County. three hundred and fifty-three dollars. To William N. Rose, of Wayne County, six hundred and eighty-one dollars. To Martha Noggle, administratrix of Jacob Noggle, deceased, of Cherokee County, one hundred and five dollars. To Hardy Summerline, of Wayrne County, one thousand three hundred and twenty-eight dollarsl To George Vgesteott, of Dare County, four hundred and ninety- six dollars. To Henry T. Coates, administrator of Thomas H. Coates, deceased, two thousand six hundred and sixteen dollars. To William S. Fowlkes, administrator of the estate of Mial ’l`. Long, deceased, three hundred and sixteen dollars. To Gabriel L. Hardison, sole heir of Gabriel Hardison, deceased, one thousand two hundred and forty-four dollars. To Joel C. Johnson, administrator of Richard W. Johnson, deceased, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight dollars.' To McCa1vin Johnson, administrator of Jehu C. Lamb, deceased, four hundred and seventy-five dollars. To James A. McDaniel, administrator of James Warters, deceased, two thousand six hundred and thirty-four dollars. To H. B. Parker, administrator of Epsie Jackson, deceased, five hun— dred and ninety-six dollars. OHIO. Ol1lO. To John Reid, of Cincinnati, four hundred and seventy-six dollars and seventy-five cents. ‘ soUTH CAROLINA. S¤¤¢hC¤.ml1¤n. To Martha Cook, administratrix of William Cook, deceased, Beaufort County, the sum of eight hundred and sixteen dollars. To Robert H. Rue. administrator of the estate of Edward H. Alston, deceased, three hundred twenty-five dollars. ’ rmwnnssnn. T¤¤¤¤¤¢- To Josephine Anderson, executrix of Thomas Anderson, deceased. of Claiborne County, seven hundred and fifty-nine dollars. To Matthias App, of Shelby County, two hundred and twentyhve do t\l‘S. To James M. Beckett, of lVashington County. one hundred and fifty dollars. To David L. Harris, administrator of Leah Bray. deceased. of Lincoln County, seven hundred and fifty dollars. To John Beets, administrator of George \V. Beets, deceased_ of Grainger County, one hundred and ninety dollars. To Herbert Cossey, of Hardin County, two hundred and twenty— eight dollars.