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292 F IFTY—SEVEl\”1`H CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cri. 985. 1902. with the section of seed and plant introduction; to investigate in cooperation with the other divisions and bureaus of the Department and the e riment stations of the several States the market conditions affecting th); fruit and vegetable trade in the United States and foreign countries, and the methods of harvesting, packing, storing, and shipping fruit and vegetables, and for experimental shipments of fruits and vegetables to foreign countries, for the purpose of increasing the exportation of American fruits and vegetables, and for all necessary e nses connected with the dpractical work of the same, and such frurts ahdcvegetables as are neede for these investigations and experimental shipments may be bought in open market and disposed of at the discretion of the Secretary of Agriculture, and he is authorized to apply the moneys received from the sales of such fruits and vegetables toward the continuation and repetition of these investigations and experimental shipments; to investi te, map, and report upon the commercial fruit districts of the United:States, for the purpose of determining the relative adaptability of the several important fruits thereto, by a study of the conditions of soil and climate, and of the prevalence of plant diseases existing therein as related to commercial fruit production, thirty thousand dollars. ,,gQ$***¤'°*'*¤°· Borrxmoxr. mvnsneyrrousxxn nxrnnmums: Investigations relat- ' ing to medicinal, ipoisonous, Hber, and other economic plants, seeds, · an weeds; the co lection of plants, traveling expenses, and express charges; for all necessary office iixtures; the purchase of paper and all other necessary supplies, materials, and apparatus; for rent and ordi— nary repairs of a buildin for omce and boratory purposes not to _ exceed three thousand dohars; for gies and electric current; for the em loyment of investigators, local an special agents, clerks, assistants, and) student scientific aids at an annua salary of four hundred and eighty dollars each, and other labor in conducting experiments in the city of Washington and elsewhere; and in collating, digesting, reporting, and illustrating the result of such experiments; subscriptions to and purchase of botanical publications for use in the division; and the preparation, illustration, and publication of reports; to investigate and pub ish reports upon the use ul plants and plant cultures of the trop ‘ real territory of the United States, and to investigate, report upon, and introduce other plants promising to be valuable for the tropical territory of the United States, such plants and botanical and agricultural information when secured to be made available for the work of agricultural experiment stations and schools: to investigate the varieties of wheat and other cereals grown in the United States or suitable for introduction, in order to standardize the naming of varieties as a bmis for the experimental work of the State experiment stations, and as an assistance in commercial grading, and to investigate, in coo ration with the Bureau of Chemistry, the cause of deterioration ofxiaxport rain, {particularly in oceanic transit, and devise means of preventing Easses rom those causes, fifty-five thousand dollars. P,f;Q*;j“,;;‘,‘Q8.{f;i*g_¤‘ Ganss Asn roruerc-r·r.Ax·r rNv1·:sT1GA*r1or<s: To enable the Secretary of Agriculture to conduct investigations of grasses, forage plants, and animal foods in coo ration with other divisions of the Department; to collect and purclhease seeds, roots, and specimens of valuable economic grasses and forage plants for investigation; experimental cultivation and distribution, and for experiments and reports upon the best methods of extirpating Johnson and other noxious and destructive grasses; to purchase tools, all necessary office fixtures, materials, apparatus, and supplies; to pay freight, express charges, and traveling expenses; for the employment of local and special agents, clerks, assistants, and scientific student aids at an annual salary of four hundred and eighty dollars each, and other labor required in conducting experiments in the city of Washington and elsewhere; to prepare