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304 F IFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 986, 987, 989,1030. 1902. purposes only from the fifth day of Octobe1·, nineteen hundred and two, to the thirteenth day of October, nineteen hundred and two, both days inclusive. F¤¤i¤hi¤z¤. ew- he officers of the Grand Army of the Republic or members thereof shall furnish the same for sleepin purposes only at their own expense and properly police and protect tie same and leave the building in as perfect state of cleanliness and repair as when they took it. The occupancy of the same shall be under the control and supervision of the public Printer and the engineer officer in charge. Approved, June 3, 1902 June 3, 1502. GHAIQ. 987.-An Act To donate to the State of Alabama the spars of the captured

 battle ships Don Juan d’Austria and Almirante Oquendo.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representati*ues of the United

 captured States of America in Congress assembled, That the lower mast talren

wg vgstrle ships from the captured Spanish battle ship Don Juan d’AUStI1&, at Manila, · ‘ and the topmast from the Almirante Oquendo, at Santiago de Cuba, be, and the same are hereby, donated by the United States to the State of Alabama, to be used in the erection of a fiagstaff on the capitol grounds of said State as a perpetual memorial to the valor of the American Navy. Approved, June 3, 1902. June 4. 1901 CHAP. 98Q.—jAn Act To Hz; thetime of holding the circuit and district courts for

 the southern district of West Virgima. ~

_ v_ _ _ Be it enacted tlte Senate and Ibase of Rgnesentatives of the United er;‘;j*d}g{§,‘gi*;§gfh· States of America en Congress assembled, That so much of the Act of V01.31,p. 738. Congress approved January twenty-second, nineteen hundred and one, entitled ‘; An Act to diviide the Stzite of West Virginia into two judicial districts, as relates tot etime of ol ing the regular terms of the circuit and district courts of the United States for the southern district "°"'“’ °‘ °°“"· of West Virginia, be amended so as to read as follows: "At Huntington, the first Tuesday in Alpril and the first Tuesday after the third Mondgy in September; at luefieid, the first Tuesday in May and the third uesday in October; atCharleston, the first Tuesday in June and the third Tuesday in November." Approved, June 4, 1902. ____·l“¤° 5· lm lt)30.-An Act Authorizing the board of supervisors of Santa Cruz County, [pubuc, N., my Arizona, to issue bonds for the erection ot a court-house and jail for said county. qa t P C · Be it enacted ly tne Senate and House nfRe]n·e.sentatives of the Dmited M;,,? ** e'" °“¤*¤· States of Amereea an Congress assenvlled, That the board of supervisors haogzgd ng} gpyn- of the county of Santa Cruz, Territory of Arizona, is hereby author- ,,'§{l_ j ° °"` ized to issue bonds on said county in the sum of thirty-five thousand doljars for the construction of a courthouse and jail for said county ,,,{f,‘;‘;,’{f“""“"“ ““" imSrxiiudibfhattlddidllidhdsadigy (bib Isiidfi (denominations as the said board may prescribe and shall bear not more than five per centum in- _ terest per annum, and shall not be sold for less than their par value. T"“** °f*"“'”‘°“‘· Said bonds shall be made payable in thirty years, with an option on the part 0; the county to pay any or all of them after ten years from the ate o their issue. S*“““8 mm- _ Sec. 3. That for the piirpose of paying the interest onsaid bonds as it becomes due and provide for a sinking fund to pay said bonds the