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378 FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1079. 1902. Ohio River, at the head of the Falls at Louisville, with a view to the enlargement of the present dam or the construction of a new one. ' Sand Island, in the Ohio Rive1·, with a view to ascertaining the desirability of acquiring a sufficient portion thereof for the mooring of boats or barges and the making up of tows passing through the Louisville and Portland Canal. Kansas. KANSAS. ‘ Kaw River, at or near its mouth. ` Kentucky. KENTUCKY. Tradewater River. ~ Salt River, from its mouth to Shepherdsville. Mississippi River in front of Wickliife, Kentucky, with a view to ascertaining what improvement is necessary to preserve the harbor and facilitate navigation; such examination to be made by the Mississip i River Commission. iggden Landing, on the Ohio River, with a view to ascertaining whether the construction of a wing dam is required in the interest of navigation. — Pond River. Louisiana. - LOUISIANA. ` Bayou Iafonrche, examination and survey for the construction of a · lock and dam at the head: Provided, That said lock and dam shall be constructed b the Atchafalaya Basin and Lafourche Basin levee boards of the State of Louisiana, to be paid for by said boards jointly, as provided for by act numbered nine of the acts of the eneral assembly of the State of Louisiana of nineteen hundred. Tlie construction of said lock and dam shall be subject to the su rvision of the United States engineers, and done in accordance witheplans and s ciiications to be iurnished by said boards and approved by the Sdirretary of War. The work on said lock and dam may commence as soon as the said Atchafalaya Basin and Lafourche Basin levee boards shall judge proper, and the plans and specifications for said lock and dam shal have been approved by the Secretary of War, and the authoritv is hereby veste in said boards to construct such lock and dam. Pending the construction of said lock and dam the Secretary of War. if in his judrrment the interests of the United States will not be prejudiced therdby, is authorized to grant permission to the Lafourche Basin levee board and Atchafalaya Basin levee board of Louisiana to place u temglorarv dam across the Bayou Lafourche at or near its junction with the Mississippi River, and to maintain said temporary dam for a period of not exceeding two years and six months from the date of this Act: I’¢m·z'ded, That prior to the granting of such permimion by the Secretary of War the State of Louisiana shall gegally authorize said levee boards to construct such temporary dam:

·0z·zdedjiu·Mer, That before beginning the construction of said dam

the said levee boards shall enter mto an agreement with the roper officer of the United States. with good and sufficient security, for the removal of said temporary dam at or before the expiration of the period of two years and six months aforesaid: Provided fin·i/zer, That Congress may at any time amend or repeal this law. Bayou Tigre. Bayou Grossetete. Tangipahoa River.