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FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1301. 1902. 431 Oyster Bayou light station, Louisiana: For establishing a light- 0Y°*°' B¤Y°“· L¤· house at the mouth of Oyster Bayou, near the Louisiana coast, in the Gulf of Mexico, five thousand dollars. Kewaunee light station, Wisconsin: For the erection of a dwelling K€W¤¤¤°°· Wmfor (thie geeper of the light-house at Kewaunee, Wisconsin, five thousan dollars. · Saint Martin Island light and fog-signal station, Michigan: For com- $*****1* Mmm- Mick pleting establishment of a light and fog—si nal station on Saint Martin sland, Saint Martin Passage, entrance to Breen Bay, Lake Michigan, ten thousand dollars. _ Tender for the inspector Ninth light—house district: For completing mT,§“'*°"· Nmm *1** a steam tender for buoy, suppl , and inspection in the Ninth light- ` house district, thirty thousand clyollars. Tender for the engineer Ninth light-house district: For completing a new steam tender for construction and repair service in the Ninth light-house district, sixty-five thousand dollars. Calumet Harbor, Lake Michigan, Illinois: For the construction of a Uf“l“"‘°“‘ H*“""'· kecper’s dwellin , seven thousand five hundred dollars. » _ Peshtigo Rec? light—vessel, Wisconsin: For establishin a light- P°°mg° R°°**w"‘· vessel with a fog signal at or near Peshtigo Reef, Green Bay, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, fifteen thousand dollars. Toledo Harbor light and fog-si nal station, Ohio: For completing a Of{§§l°°° H“"’°’· light and fog-signal station to m§rk the outer end of the main channel, entrance to Toledo Harbor, Ohio, ten thousand dollars. _ Crisps Point light and fog-signal station, Michigan: For the estab- C'"" P°l'"· M‘°l‘· lishment of a light and fog-signal station on or near Crisps Point, Lake Superior, Michigan, eighteen thousand dollars. _ _ Grassy Island range light station (Ecorse), Michi an: For building G"‘”’m““d*M‘°h· ai dwegling foil! the keeper of Grassy Island range (Eiorse), Michigan, ve thousand ollars. Point au Pelee Passage light-ship: For constructing a modern steel S,,§§"}j,§§ §°§’}§f’ P" auxiliary steamship with a fog signal, to be established on Southeast Shoal, Point au Pelee Passage, Lake Erie, forty-tive thousand dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury, under the supervision of the Light—House Board, by contract or otherwise, to maintain a lightslhip on Siongheast Shoal, Point au Pelee Passage, Lake Erie, éur thousand dollars. Conneaut Harbor light station, Ohio: For constructing a light-house C<>¤¤¤¤¤¢. Ohio. on the new pier head for the front light, and to raise the existin structure on the old pier head to a proper height to have it serve witg the pro osed new front light as a range for vessels approaching Conneaut I·l)arb0r, eight thousand four hundred dollars. Ashtabula Harbor light station, Ohio: For establishing a light and *“**”**>¤’¤·°’*i°· fog-signal station on the new Eier head at the end of the west breakwater at Ashtabula, Ohio, eig teen thousand dollars. Fort Winiield Scott fog signal, California: To establish on Fort C&’,°’*W*¤¤¤ld SWM- Wintield Scott, Fort Point, California, a fog signal, seven thousand ` dollars. Oakland lighthouse and fog-signal station, California: For con- 0¤k*¤¤<1 <>¤l· structing a light-house and fog signal at the entrance of Oakland Harbor, California, nineteen thousand dollars. Mile Rocks light and fog-signal station, California: For constructing Mile Rocks, Cul. a light and fog-signal station on one of the Mile Rocks, San Francisco Bav, California, one hundred thousand dollars. Browns Point light—house and fog signal, Wvashingtonz For com- W§s{1¤w¤¤ P¤*¤*· pleting light—house and fog signal at Browns Point, State of \Vashing— ' ton, three thousand two hundred dollars. _ _ Battery Point fog signal, Washington: For the construction of a B““°'YP°’"‘·““h‘ fog signal at Battery Point, Puget Sound, opposite the city of Seattle, State of Washington, six thousand dollars.