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686 FIFTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1368. 1902. ilmprovements, repairs, furniture and hxtures, thirty-one thousand o ars. H°°**“€· °""· HEATING AND LIGHTING, NAVAL AcA1>mrr: Fuel, oil, waste, and other materials for the operation, repair, and maintenance of the plant; heating and lighting apparatus and tools; for heating and lightin the Academ and bandsmen’s quarters, twenty thousand dollars. <>¤¤¤¤s¤¤*- Bommonm, NAVAL ACADEMY: Purchase of books for the library (to be purchased in open market on the written order of the Superintendent), two thousand dollars; stationery, blank books, models, maps, and text—books, for use of instructors, two thousand dollars; expenses of the Board of Visitors of the Naval Academy, being mileage and five dollars per diem for each member for expenses during actual attendance at the Academy and for supplying necessary outfit for the ‘ board house, and for clerk hire, carries5s, and other incidental and necessary expenses of the Board, three ousand dollars; purchase of chemicals, apparatus, and instruments in the department of physics and for re ITS of the same, two thousand dollars; purchase of gas and steam machinery, steam pipes and fittings, rent of buildings for the use of the Academy, freight, cartage, water, music, musical and astronomical instruments, uniforms for the bandsmen, telegraphing, feed and maintenance of teams, current expenses, and repairs of all kinds, and for incidental labor and expenses not applicable to any other appropriation, fo1'lZy~tW0 thousand ollars; stores in the departments of steam engineering, eight hundred dollars; materials for repairs in steam machinery, one thousand dollars; for contin ncies for the Superintendent of the Academy, to be expended inlliis discretion, one thousand dollars; apparatus for the instruction of midshipmen in the department of marine engineering and naval construction, five thousand dollars; purchase of sextants for the instruction of midshipmen mm. in the de rtment of navigation, three thousand dollars: ]%~0m°ded, L fgymegg w Walter That the Sliperintendent of the Naval Academy is authorized to pay " °w°Mr. Walter L. Steward, from the appropriation "‘Contin nt, Naval Academv," the sum of forty dollars to reimburse him fdr dama e done tohis crops during a. battalion drill of the midshipmen; in all, sixty-one thousand eight hundred dollars. céizaleéérgre l T e title “naval ca et" is hereby changed to "midshipman." m..,,_il_I That until the year nineteen hun red and fourteen, in addition to the ,,Q§,{’,,°lQf"‘°"‘°'"‘l'l‘ naval cadets now authorized bv law (the title having bcen'changed by ”¥.‘:.D¤§;a me p. this Act to midshipmen), the President shall ap xoint five midshipmen, · 1i»¢, nmZ and there shall be appointed from the States at lar e, upon the recommendation of Senators, two midshi men for each State. 'l‘m¤r¤ppr¤vr¤¤¤i<>¤¤- ln al], Naval Academy, two hunclied and twenty-nine thousand nine g;;{;·gmn hundred and five dollars and seventy-seven cents: Provided, however-, ` ° ‘ That no rt of the money appropriated in this paragraph or elsewhere in this bill), shall be expended in the purchase of any history of the Spanish-American war written by Edgar Stanton Maclay, for use at the Naval Academy, in ships’ libraries, or in any other part of the naval establishment of the nited States. Murine Gems- MARINE CORPS. ’•¥- PAY, Mmmm Cours: For pay and allowances prescribed by law of officers on the active list, four hundred and sixteen thousand nine hundred dollars. pr1}•:;\;.mptgI%];:g§ngf That from and after the date of the approval of this Act, the com- 11. s,, see. moi, pl mandant of the bl8·l'lllB C0l'pS Slliill l18V6B the muk, pay, and allowances m" of a major-general in the Army, and when a vacancy shall occur in the office of commandant of the corps, on the expiration of the service of the tpresent incumbent, by retirement or otherwise, the commandant of e Marine Corps shall thereafter have the rank, pay, and allowances of a brigadier-general.