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712 F IFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 1369, 1370. 1902. mgm ‘° °'““‘1 “ll Sec. 86. That all laws assed b * the overnment of the Philippine lag?-mwed by COD Islands shall be reported tb Congrdss, wléch hereby reserves the power and authority to annul the same, and the Philippine Commission is hereby directed tocmake annual report of all its receipts and expenditures to the Secretary of War. Agpiézau of I¤S¤.l¤1' BUREAU OF INSULAR AFFAIRS. j¤§,s“g`¥'gg§u¤“gQ“§V;Q Sec. 87. That the Division of Insular Affairs of the War Departnepmmeut. ment, organized by the Secretary of Wa1·, is hereby continued until otherwise rovided, and shall hereafter be known as the Bureau of Insular Alilairs of the War Department. The business assigned to said Bureau shall embrace all matters pertaining to civil government in the island ssessions of the United States subject to the jurisdic- 0*****0* B¤¤***“- tion of the War Department; and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to detail an officer of the Army whom he may consider especially well qualified, to act under the authority of the Secretary Rank of War as the chief of said Bureau; and said officer while actin under said detail shall have the rank, pay, and allowances of a coloneI mm' Sec. 88. That all Acts and parts of Acts inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed. Approved, July 1, 1902. J¤JyI,1902· CHAP. 1370.-An Act To increase the eiiiciency and change the name of the

 United States Marine-Hospital Service.

Be it enacted by the Senate amt Haute a1fRepreeentatices of the Matted m§_"_“h§¥;*;I§Sp°§‘t;§S:§§ States Congress assembled, That the United States Marineice. _ _ I Hospital Service shall hereafter be known and designated as the Public sefiiielslciieiuéleiiiwtin Hea th and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States, and the ggknzgéijjsgiicem, Supervising Surgeon-General and the officers now or hereafter commits. missioned under the Act of January fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, entitled "An Act to regulate a pointments in the Marine- . Hos ital Service of the United States," and) Acts amcndatory thereof, shall) hereafter be known as the Surgeon—General, surgeons, passed assistant surgeons, and assistant surgeons of the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States. Nothing in this Act contained shall be held or construed to discharge any of the officers above named, or any of the acting assistant surgeons. pharmacists, and other employees of the Marine-Hospital Service, or to deprive any _ officer of his commission or the benefits derived by longevity of serv- ,m·Q§m;’9‘}{f°’· °“’·· ice. The care of sick and disabled seamen and all other duties now required by law to be performed by the Marine-Hospital Service shall hereafter be performed by the Public Health and Marine—Hospital Service, and all funds and appropriations now provided by law for use by the Marine·Hospital Service and all properties and rights per- i taining to said service shall be available for use for like purposes and in like manner, under the Treasury Department, by the Public Health _ and Marine-Hos ital Service. S"""’“· Sec. That the salary of the Surgeon-lieneral of the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service shall be five thousand dollars per annum, and the salaries and allowances of the commissioned medical officcrs of said service shall be the same as now provided by regulations of _ 4 the Marine-Hospital Service. ,,,‘;‘.Z“§,Ti{’°t "“'g°°” Sino. 3. That commissioned medical officers. when detailed by the Surgeon—General for duty in the Public Health and Marine—Hospital Bureau at Washington, District of Columbia, in charge of the administrative divisions thereof, namely, marine hospitals and relief, domestic quarantine, foreign and insular quarantine, personnel and accounts,